Who’s In Charge?

Sometimes I get so upset with the status quo in Washington DC & America, and the American people for forgetting that they are the government; that the people are the constitution; the people are the the Bill of Rights… and it would serve this country well if the politicians in Washington DC  remember who they work for!

The American people are the employers to not only the President of the United States, but the Senate, the House, the Congress – all of them that hold big paying offices – they are there because of us and they should answer to us, but they don’t!

Todays politicians act as if they were an elite class.  The gall and sheer unadulterated audacity of these shysters that go to Washington DC on our behalf and leave office a few years later as multi-millionaires amazes me.  Actually, the fact that this happens right under the nose of the American people and only a couple of these politicians has been sentenced to jail in a court of law is the amazing and astonishing situation.
The Grass Roots Tea Party Organizations will certainly cause a few politicians to think twice before voting for a bill that was solicited with a bribe or “favor” in the future.  For our country to realize the “Greatness” we achieved in past years, it will take more than a “Village”.  We need a Nation of patriots that continuously “trust but verify” the employees that we hired with our votes and pay for with our taxes.
The below politicians will be some key players that we should be watching closely.  We should be alert not only to what they propose but to whom opposes them.  They must be graded on job performance with our votes and our voices in the media.


Conservative lawmakers such as New York’s Republican Rep. Peter T. King, who becomes chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee on January 5, has promised to propose tough legislation to secure the border. His proposal would empower local police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants, a policy opposed by the Obama Administration but supported by a majority of Americans.  “We could free up millions of jobs for Americans and legal immigrants if we enforced our immigration laws against illegal workers,” Lamar Smith has said.  In addition, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), who will become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee — replacing far-left Democrat John Conyers – said he will seek legislation that requires employers to check the immigration status of job applicants, something that is already law. He also said he wants to punish employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants with tougher penalties.  Under the Obama Administration, the Homeland Security Department has placed its enforcement emphasis on deporting illegal aliens with criminal records.
Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who for years has campaigned against congressional earmarks, will have a seat next session on the House Appropriations Committee — the infamous panel that has earned a reputation as a factory for pork-barrel spending. Flake’s Republican colleagues, much to his delight, have pledged to ban earmarks in the next Congress. But with reports already surfacing about the myriad ways lawmakers will be able to squirm around that promise, Flake is vowing to use his new Appropriations perch to ensure fidelity to the anti-earmark oath and, from there, “do serious oversight on the other 99 percent of the budget.”

An earmark is created when a member of Congress designates money in the federal budget for a particular project, usually in his or her home state or district. Though the earmark does not represent new money in the budget — rather, it tags existing funds for a specific purpose — Flake said he hopes the ban will in turn motivate lawmakers to approve smaller budgets in the first place.  Following through on the ban will mean shooting down blatant earmarks but also drawing attention to lawmakers’ requests that occur outside the appropriations process. Flake said they could try what is known as lettermarking or phonemarking — where they write or call a friendly contact in a federal agency to request funding for a pet project.  And even if they don’t, the congressman plans to spotlight wasteful spending items of any kind on a weekly basis, something he currently does with earmarks he finds distasteful. He said he’ll start with some of the goodies included in the $858 billion tax-cut extension package passed and signed during the lame-duck session.

“We’re obviously going to go in and have to undo some of the spending we just approved,” he said, particularly calling out an extension of an ethanol tax credit. “If we can’t cut programs like that, then we are in a world of hurt.”

The pledge to cut up the bipartisan tax package is just one example of where Flake could end up grating against his congressional superiors. Another is Flake’s ambition to create and lead an investigative subcommittee tasked with probing potential programs to cut. He acknowledged that the new chairman has been “cool” to that idea.  But perhaps House Speaker-designate John Boehner, who endorsed Flake for the Appropriations spot, saw him as a potent foil to senior members like incoming Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., renowned for their pork-barrel prowess.


The GOP’s top House investigator in the new Congress is putting the White House on notice that he’s going to be aggressive in going after what he considers wasteful spending by the Obama administration.

Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican, is set to lead the House Oversight and Government Reform — and gain the chairman’s subpoena power.  Mr. Issa suggested on “Fox News Sunday” that the White House should hire more accountants — not lawyers — to deal with requests for information from the Republican-led House. He said it’s “more of an accounting function than a legal function.”  He also said the White House should look at wasteful spending, not the GOP, as the enemy.

I would surmise that somewhere in the nehborhood of about 6 months (June 2011) we will know if these politicians are going to back up their words with action or not.  By then, they had better come with some strong legislation or very good reasons why they could’t perform.  (that’s Reasons – not excuses!). To do otherwise would place them in the *OutHouse* as a marked politician not to be reelected.


The OutHouse – is a featured segment at NewsNationBrewing.com which informs Conservatives of Republican politicians that cast votes against the ideology of the majority of the Republican party.  Failure to complete campaign promises or outright lies (misspeaking) will earn a sot in the OutHouse as well.  A placement in The OutHouse may be detrimental to a career politicians next campaign.

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