Think of our Congress as an old WWII Bi-plane.  A two seater with the pilot up front and let’s say a co-pilot seated directly behind him in a separate compartment.  Pretend that both pilots have equally important jobs to maintain in keeping the plane flying.  It doesn’t matter whether the pilots are Republican or Democrat.  While cruising at 10,000 feet they come upon a large number of parachutist dropping to the ground.  As they attempt to fly around them, somehow one of them tosses a poisonous snake into the pilots cockpit!

What do you do now?

1.  Stop what you’re doing and find the snake

2.  Ask copilot to find the snake

3.  Throw snake into copilots seat and hope he deals with it

4.  Both Pilot and Copilot wrestle with snake

5.  Kill snake while spiraling out of control towards the ground

6.  Abandon ship and join the other parachutists

7.  Crash the plane while attempting to rid yourself of the circumstances.

A lot of scenarios come to mind and people from all over the globe can wade in with suggestions or cures for the situation at hand.  Of course once the situation is known to all, someone has to decide in what order the advice is to be taken.  The handbook that came with the plane probably doesn’t have a chapter on Snakes in the Cockpit!  Quite frankly, such a situation may have never happened in aeronautical history.  May I suggest something an old “flight instructor” once said?


While attempting to locate, throw out, kill, get help, read the manual or abandon the aircraft – your plane will crash and burn!  Therefore, it is more prudent to just fly the plane until you can safely take care of the problem.  It is not a matter of what happens in life but how you “handle” what happens that determines the outcome.  Freaking out and going through some overkill action will more than likely do more damage than the original circumstance.  A snake in the cockpit, like most “problems” will not bite you unless provoked.  This does not mean the situation should be ignored, but rather observed until a real and likely remedy can be brought about.  Being cool and knowledgeable enough to realize this is the stuff great leaders are made of.

America seems to have some snakes in its cockpit.  The real question is:  Who’s flying the plane?

Todays congressional and I might add, elected leaders are in the position of deciding whom to save first.  The American people don’t appear to be in agreeance with their decisions based on the miserable ratings given congress in the polls on the direction of this country.  Everyone and everything is jockeying for position at the head of the line to be saved first.  In no particular order of importance I submit to you these entities that are lined up seeking our nations help with their snakes:  Banks, auto industry, mortgage bankers, Wall Street, Iraqi’s, Afghani’s, Pakistani’s, teachers, firemen, police, illegal aliens, the wealthy, corporate america, foreign aid, global warming and finally Americas Unemployed.

Has anyone taken the time to notice that America’s victims of the recession tsunami always come in last?  Why is it that the people of The Greatest Nation in the World are always the very last ones to ever receive help.  A lot of the entities on the above list seem to be on automatic bailout.  It takes an act of congress to get 60 senators to agree to help the citizens of our nation.  In my humble opinion our people should come first.  But then again there will always be someone that does not see it the way I do and vice versa.  My father once told me that there are no big problems, just lots of small ones all appearing at the same time.  Our problems as a nation did not all appear at once, but they’re here now due to lack of leadership at conception.  Now all these problems need to be solved and who’s to say which ones get handled first?  I can not answer that with any certainty but I can adamantly state that Harry Reid’s Dream Act should not come before the American people.  How anyone in congress can consider it more important to determine what to do with 25 million illegal aliens before taking care of US citizens that need help with unemployment insurance is beyond me!  How are the Lame Duck Pilots of the 111th Congress going to fly the plane.  Will they grab their golden parachutes and bailout so that the 112th Congress can deal with the snake?  Should the incoming congress Just Fly the Plane and ignore the hurting citizens of our nation.  I suggest that they take care of this problem before they take off in January.  It will definitely bite them in midair if they don’t!   A defining moment comes along ever so often. You either define it or it will define you.  We’ll soon see what our pilots are made of and whether they continue on course.  I just want to see the citizens of the United States land safely for a change.

Brian Gray

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