We Are The Champions Of The World

We’ve done it again!  Is that Queen song still playing in your head?

It seems to me that around the 15th of March 2011, a huge amount of people were blasting the US and Obama for inaction where the country of Libya was concerned.  Hillary Clinton went so far as the day before US air strikes began, to tell the leaders of France and Germany that “Things are difficult” as an excuse for such lack of a position.  Only after France and England basically said “if you want do it, we will do it without you” did the US decide to join the fray and toss in our fighter jets and missiles.  Now the headlines each day, at least in the US, are touting how irritated the BRIC nations are about our aggression in Libya!  Its not the UN WAR or a intervention by the French or English – Its the US Aggression against another Middle East country!  Russia and China are now weighing in with their two cents worth but wouldn’t spend a dime to join in the so called coalition of forces that the UN says needs to stop the president of Libya from killing his own people.

Did China and Russia along with the nations of Europe bait the US into another “conflict” that the taxpaying citizens of America get to finance for their benefit again?  Is it worth it to our nation to pay with our lives and hard earned cash for the missiles that will keep oil flowing from Libya for the entire planet?  What about the rest of the middle east?  Should Saudi Arabia go upside down with their monarchy, who will step up and protect the interest of the United States?  Russia, China the European Union?  I don’t think so!  Can anyone out there not see the need for the US to quit all involvement in these troublesome countries and become energy self sufficient?

This One World theory or World Bank system of International Monetary Funds has got the United States into a “patsy” position in which we are now the “bad guys” that get sent in to do what the rest of the planets nations are to cheap or scared to do.  China and Russia combined do not spend the money that England has spent on keeping their oil flow from the middle east rolling in.  Why should they when the good old US of A will step up to the plate and do their bidding for them.  Personally, I’m fed up with paying my tax dollars to keep the world free and gasoline in their autos.  So why doesn’t the United States take the very oil from under our own feet and become independent of this strife?

Americans need to cease being propagandized by the “Threat to Freedom” that gets thrown in our faces every time some poor nation has a problem.  My personal freedom is not in jeopardy because a group of people in a middle east nation are fed up with their government.  My freedom to move about the United States in my automobile as I wish at a cost I can afford is jeopardized.  The cost of driving to work at a cost that is way less than Europeans or South Americans pay for gasoline is jeopardized.  The idea of flying off across the country for a beach or snow ski vacation is jeopardized, but that is not the fault of any nation in the middle east!  It is the fault of any government run program or law in the United States that prevents us from drilling our own oil and doing our own refinement.  We are NOT victims in the United States!  We are temporarily at the mercy of our own politicians and if we do not accept the truth, we will drown in our own lies.

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