Victims guilty and had it coming

If you can believe the audacity of our apologist society, the above linked news article is saying that a black man just received probation for purposely murdering a white man. The article is so poorly written in an effort to be politically correct that unless you read the comments by people below the article, one would have no idea of what the situation really is.

The article would have you think this was the result of a drunken brawl.  Who really knows what really happened but we are left rather certain of the beginning and the end.

(A) A supposedly drunk 18 year old man is out in the street yelling “racial epithets”  (the victims son)

(B)   The neighbor takes offense to these racial epithets and the two start fighting.

(C) As the victim McCullum tried to pull his son away from the fight, the defendants mother-in-law was struck in the face. (she must have been helping separate them as well)

(D)   The Defendant tried to scare the father (victim/McCallum), an avid bodybuilder, and fired a shot from a 9mm handgun, aiming at the man’s buttocks. The defendant aimed high, however, and shot McCallum in the back. The wound proved fatal.

The fact is that one man pulled a pistol and shot another man in the back!  It was not a life or death situation!  The defendant even admits he was trying to shoot the victim in the butt!  Oops!  It didn’t quite work out that way, but what the hey, he didn’t mean to kill him.  Or is the correct word Murder?  If a white man had of committed this murder, he would have been convicted of a “hate” crime on top of the charge of murder, making the time he got in prison a wee bit longer.

O.K. so another injustice has been committed by one of our judges in the not so perfect legal system.  But what about the message that is being sent across our nation?  What about the precedent that this sets?  What about the fact that its another racially charged murder that has the defendant being protected from the victim by the courts?  Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago when a black man that felt he was being racially discriminated against and did not like the slurs he said were bandied about that murdered 8 people and seriously injured 2 more before turning the gun on himself.  Thank God we won’t have to foot this court procedure and watch as the dead are convicted of mistreating their murderer.  Can our society become ever more apologetic to the distraught amongst us?

Brian Gray

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