Undocumented Democrats

The Obama administration is almost ready to sneak his full on Amnesty program over on the American People while the people have their minds on things like Cap and Trade and The BP oil spill.  Harry Reids midnight antics and BP teetering on the edge of Bankruptcy will give the people all they can look for while the Amnesty Bill is brought in in the color of night.

The Obama administration and all the so called progressive/liberals are not going to be happy until Al qaeda and the Taliban are drawing social security checks and wearing uniforms made in China while living in government housing in California. When they start blowing up our people and monuments, the drive by media will blame it all on right wing redneck terrorist that support republicans and are extremely racist. First they have to make it easy for illegal aliens and the rest will be simple.

Brobama will raise attention of the pending disasters just enough to turn your head.  Once fully distracted to look at what he wants you to think he is doing – BANG – YOU WAKE UP to find that Maria and Julio are your new LEGAL neighbors

Let’s all get the correct terminology down before we go further:

There is no such thing as a illegal immigrant.  You come to this country and go through the Immigration and Naturalization process and become a citizen of the United States.  Illegal aliens sneak into the country and stay or come in on a work visa and never leave.

If offering amnesty in the coming months or years is a solution, then I propose offering amnesty to all peoples that have failed to pay their personal taxes over the past 20 years!  While my proposal sounds ludicrous, please tell me why it differs for someone that is here illegally to begin with!  I find amnesty for illegal aliens on the same level as amnesty for anyone wanted on an outstanding warrant for breaking and entering.  Someone guilty of the charge of B&E can claim they were looking for a better life and trying to support their families as well!  The Tree Huggers and Apologist will find many reasons for the good people of America to look the other way and smile sheepishly as they know what Harry and Nancy are doing while they extoll Americas Christian love on our new and future democratic citizens!

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