This Is How We Do It! 2012

Over the past years, Americans got fat and lazy!  Apathy, lethargy and a “let someone else handle it” ideology sunk into the way of life politically.  We never dreamed that the politicians that were running this country would turn their backs on us.  AS a matter of fact, most of us thought “It can’t happen here in this great nation” when it comes to things that the Obama Administration has actually done.   We enjoyed a way of life with material things that our parents never had or dreamed of having and life was good.  We took for granted that tomorrow was a day of growth and making things even better because of our optimism concerning lifestyle betterment.

Our Real Estate wasn’t supposed to go down in value.  Our kids weren’t supposed to drop out of high school at a 50% clip.  We weren’t supposed to get attacked on our own soil by nations that we support.  Racism was supposed to be a thing of the past.  Our Richest Nation on Earth wasn’t supposed to go bankrupt.  We weren’t destined to die and leave our kids and grandkids nothing but an albatross to hang around their necks (debt).  Our real estate wasn’t supposed to become so encumbered with liens that a free and clear title with title insurance guaranteeing it could not be passed from one generation to the next.  Our American Dream wasn’t supposed to end in a Socialist Nightmare – BUT IT DID!

Its as if we woke up after it had happened and discovered that our nations leaders had just driven us over a cliff – and we haven’t even hit bottom yet!  Everyone, and that includes liberals too, are sitting in this huge caravan of busses being driven over a cliff and screaming at the driver (Obama) seat, instructions on how to land this bus when it reaches the bottom.  Most are worried about survival of the crash period!  The optimists amongst us are concerned about which direction to walk away from after the crash.

Obama didn’t just push Granny (in a wheelchair) off the cliff – He drove the entire nation into an abyss deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon.  Our nation is 223 years old (from the date of the signing of the Constitution) and Obama, with the help of the democrat party drove this nation down this road to destruction in 3 and a half years.

THE POINT:  We’re awake now!  At least a large percentage of us are.  We’re known as a group, Tea Party – and there are other Tea Party groups/affiliates all across the nation.  At this point, it is time for us to shake hands and realize that “our dream candidate” either made it or did not make it – but we have to come together for a change and work towards saving what’s left of this wreck.

We all call for and pray that our neighbors, coworkers and even family members will educate themselves to what has happened and the correct way to take our nation back and make her whole again.  Most of us realize that socialistic ideas are not going to work in this country and therefore we need to rid our nation of democrat/progressive/ socialist leaders.

OUR JOB NOW is to ensure that the Republican Party keeps the House of Representatives as a majority as well as to gain a Majority in the Senate.

Each of us needs to know who is running for what seat in their state as well as be able to offer friends and family in other states advice on the candidates in their state.  Obviously we should take care of our own state first, but also be aware of what is going on around you.  To do less would be the same as the problems that helped us get to this point to begin with.  We need to paint this entire nation RED in November 2012.

We will still have differences of opinion as to which Republican to put in what office but that is a success problem!  When we control the House and Senate, We will have our voices back.  At that time, we will have the leverage to tell Boehner/McConnell to get out or straighten up. Hopefully this is not too much of a dream!  Meantime, if we vote Mitt Romney into the White House, we will have a good crew surrounding him and checks and balances will once more insure that 1 or 2 bad people don’t ruin the rest of the nation.

Our new battle cry should be:  KEEP THE HOUSE AND GAIN THE SENATE!

YOUR VOTE MATTERS!  If you can’t find it within you to vote FOR a person – then please find it within yourself to VOTE AGAINST OBAMA.  Because that is exactly what a vote for Romney is.  Do not do nothing – That’s how Obama got into our White House to begin with.  Doing nothing is the least common denominator for why we found ourselves being driven off a cliff to begin with.  If you won’t vote over issues that only you know of, then please vote to save your family, friends and other Patriots of our nation!  JUST DO IT!  Your children, brothes, sisters, friends and other Patriots need your help.  Don’t go back to sleep or turn your backs on the nation again.  Please!


Brian Gray

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