The Sell Out of Our Nation Begins

The sell out happened years ago.  As a matter of fact, its an entire different argument as to when it actually happened.  Only theory can point at it’s beginning but never with a fact that can’t be argued by anyone wishing to do so.  The end result is that the entire nation started fighting each other and no one really knows what they are fighting for.  They think they do, but they don’t. They have enough of a mental picture to carry them from disagreement to disagreement until they bore themselves and the argument temporarily goes away. Liberals never have facts and conservatives refuse to show them, instead telling them to look facts up for themselves which they will never do.  So talking points and liberal headlines is the basis of their poor arguments.  Everyone loves a pushover, so conservatives always wind up in these one sided battles.  Meanwhile we lose the war because we don’t recognize how our own constitution works.
Example:  Has anyone noticed that the Republican House of Representatives sent a bona fide Bill to Congress for approval and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid determined it wasn’t worth reading and ‘TABLED” it?
Seriously???  He tabled it.
That means that one man stopped the entire judicial process the same as if the President had Vetoed a passed bill.  So now the way business used to be done with the House sending a bill to Congress and Congress votes on it and says yes or no, is now being stopped by one man.  One senator speaking for the entire nation, determines what a body of law such as the US Senate can deliberate and debate on.
How about a agency called Moodys that the President or Democrat Party uses to threaten the credit rating of the nation.  How scary is that?  The very people that passed out Triple A (AAA) ratings like candy to Wall Street Bankers on their garbage CDO’s and was one of the biggest contributors  of the financial meltdown in 08.  Now these techno thugs are calling the shots by threatening the financial well being of our nation and triggering another meltdown worldwide.  As soon as the Liberals get what they want, this patriotic agency will blow the whistle and call it all back.  They’ll claim a mistake was made and that everything is actually cool again.  After the all clear has put everything back to normal, no one will remember anything.  And America will accept this farce as just something that happened.  Nothing to see here, keep moving.
Then we have a very tired Republican House and members of the Party that have presented 6 bills to Congress (if you count McConnells plan  or that of the Gang of 6) all in search of a deal.
A Deal???
Our nation is becoming insolvent and our politicians are looking for a deal.  A deal is a mixture of compromise and politics and generally does only 10% of what it is supposed to do.  The Democrats haven’t brought anything to the table except Obama and Reid that are still trying to get the Bush Tax Cuts abolished.  To them it doesn’t matter that just a few months ago they struck a Deal to keep them in place.  Obama hated taking that butt kicking in front of the whole nation, but he’s damned determined to get his way and re-elected if it bankrupts the whole nation to do it!  Meanwhile the nation is divided and at each others throats and over what?  They don’t fully know except for one thing “Don’t give in to the other side”.  Democrats never offer any ideas, they simply say what they want and until they get exactly that, everything else is a NO.  No plans, no ideas, no compromise, no nothing.  So why do Republicans feel they have to continue to do all the work and take all the blame?  What really sucks is they know that all they really need to do is stand there with their arms crossed after having passed a bill in the House and sent it to Congress.  They should be just about done being the fall guy for Harry Reid.
The question is:  WHY DO THEY DO IT?  Is is just to be fighting? They don’t need to!  the whole country and world looks to them to do this but they don’t have to!  They’re inviting blame on themselves by even playing Harry Reids game!
While all this is happening, there will be enablers out there amongst both parties fighting to keep this socialistic beast alive or from making it back.  What are we going to call it this time ladies and gentlemen?  The COLD CIVIL WAR.  It doesn’t even matter as most people truly won’t even know the real reason they’re fighting!  See ya at the other great farce:
ELECTION DAY – Who can steal the day and have the best story and loudest chearleaders after having done so?
Brian Gray

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