The “Phony” 3 D’s of Politics


The cover-ups that are taking place in our nations capital and to more extent in our news media has prompted me to consider how politicians and journalists sometimes respond to adversity.  My observations are rather general and based somewhat on anecdotal evidence. They also represent a somewhat visceral gut reaction to the goings-on that I have witnessed via the unreliable mass media. These things are clear to those of us who favor small constitutional government, but are often characterized as preferring anarchy to civil order. What we see in the various national capitols throughout the world and here in the state capitols are “big government” apologists behaving as if they were pre-appointed as rulers supreme in the future anticipated One World Government.  The world is turned upside down, and contradictions reign supreme.

When groups and the people who represent them are confronted with issues that may undermine their hold on the realm of their influence, they may react with a strategy called “Diffusion.”

  • Diffusion is the tactic that seeks to spread the blame across a wide horizon so that the complaints and demands of the “aggrieved” group seem small when compared to all intervening variables that have contributed to the imbalance.  (NSA snooping)

For many decades the diffusion ruse has been successful as locales, states and national entities have responded with increases and  benefits. But to many who hold the keys to the treasury, the diffusion argument has begun to lose steam. Despite the massive infusion of money and commitment, performance has diminished or stagnated.

Although similar to diffusion:

  • Deflection is more pointed, more targeted. The group that uses deflection as a blame-shifting tool usually identifies one or two specific “bogeymen” whom they accuse of being the cause of their non-performance.  Rather than identifying multiple interveners, the deflection strategy isolates one or two as the nemeses of adequate job performance.  Deflection is a direct and forceful attempt to shift blame and/or demonize an entity that may be unwilling to yield to the demands of the complainer. ( IRS Scandals involving Tea Party groups)

This tactic is similar to the one used by siblings who ride in the back seat of the family car…”she did it first” followed by “he made me do it.” It’s past time for taxpaying citizens to quote the driving father. “Do you want me to come back there?”

Citizens are becoming frustrated with a government structure that is too big, too unresponsive, to manipulative and unconstitutional. The deflection maneuvers annoy the citizens who are aware, and they respond with anger.

  • Detraction” is the most strident and dishonest of the defense mechanisms. Rather than attempting to diffuse or deflect blame for inadequate performance, the accused group seeks to undermine the credibility and reputations of its detractors. Detraction is not defensive, but is a wholly offensive approach. (Benghazi)

The campaign of detraction could result in the “truth” becoming a casualty because there are no limits, no rules. The gloves come off as the accused party attacks its critics, and accuses them of numerous nefarious schemes and actions. They assume the persona of a cornered rat as they lash out at anyone who challenges them or their positions.

If the challenger can hold fast and not back down, the detraction strategy is the forerunner of collapse. It is the weakest argument available, but it is delivered viciously. By withstanding the assault the challenger can prevail as the defender runs out of energy and arguments.

The Three-D’s of Diffusion, Deflection and Detraction will become more prevalent as the battle to restrain our bloated government becomes more heated.

These are the 3 items of political and journalistic behavior that must be recognized, and weighed for every newsworthy item we read or watch in the media.  You can “take it with a grain of salt” or define it for what it is.

At this point, I will introduce the 4th D – and it shall be called:

  • “Defined”

Whenever one is propagandized with the previous three D’s, the persons introducing them to you are offering you a “Defining Moment”, – You either Define it, or it will Define you!

Consider if you will, the “Phony News Scandals” of our nations present political administration.  Which “D” are you most in line with?

We must not waiver. We can never yield. There is too much at risk, and we must stand firm.




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