The Awakening

Life in the “Good old USA” as we once knew it is done, finito, gone – but not forgotten!  It is still so fresh in our minds that we long for yesterday!

This is exactly what Osama Bin Laden wanted when his Al-Queda terrorists crashed airplanes into the financial center of America and the Pentagon.  Total disruption and death to the infidels.  Like horses on the plain when wolves attack, Congress reluctantly assembled into a circle and with their heads together started kicking.  Unfortunately, along with their constituents, they morphed into mules (asses).  The asses then backed into a circle and began kicking themselves while braying wildly to the awakened masses how they intended to fend off impending crisis. The new goal for all freedom and prosperity loving Americans should be to Get The ASSES Out of DC!  I think the symbolism speaks for itself.

Why does everything have to be a reboot these days?

“In a world where the greedy exploit the lazy… one handful of idealists… will make a stand… with symbolic gestures of their dissent. From the director of Southern Secession, and the producer of The Flower Power Movement, comes this summer’s biggest action thrill ride. Coming soon to a political theater near you-

“1776: Reborn”

Starring pension worried retirees in Dr. Seuss hats and partially informed trustafarians, with the day off… and an IRON FISTFUL of grammatically incorrect handwritten posters.

This summer, slap on those bumper stickers,

Blog from the rooftops,

and remember…


(dun dun)


(da nana)


The murmurs begin 7/4/2012

The reason the Founding Fathers were successful in their plight was because they assessed their enemy, found its flaw, and exploited it. They used guerilla warfare to defeat an enemy who lined up to fight. Anyone who wishes to truly make a change must not look to repeat the past, but look instead to create a better future with an honest and thorough assesment of our present situation.

Remember, consumer support is the biggest source of power the people have in today’s world. If the corporations control the government, it is the corporations who must be weakened enough to become dislodged from our government. Forget doom and gloom. The real revolt should be against the credit system, lobbyists, special interest groups, OUTSOURCING, and the lack of American production.

Today, we not only face evil, but outright fraud and corruption at the hands of our own elected leaders.  (Global warming scams, Go Green, the EPA)  We face unchecked greed. We face one big bad idea that gets perpetually worse, and worse, and is allowed to just keep snowballing for the short term benefit of those who are empowered by the dollars we give them.

It is time for us to recognize the causes of our problems, rather than try to fight their effects. It is time to put truth in vogue, and do away with anything that hampers it; political correctitude and social niceties be damned.

I implore you to remember that no matter how far down any path one may travel, at any point, they may turn themselves right around, and come back home. It’s not too late. Its just going to take some hard work. I’m still proud to be an American citizen, but I’m disappointed in the direction our last congress has taken us against the majorities wishes!  Just knowing the people will come together and overwhelm bad politicians again in 2012 makes me proud to be part of the effort!

Brian Gray

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