Welcome to our Meltdown

There was a time when a salesman had the sky as the limit for an income ceiling.  If he needed more money – he simply worked more hours and made more sales and all was good.  Then the laws on how many hours you could work came into play.  The company said “no more” right before they said “I’m sorry but there are cutbacks and we have to let you go.”


9/11/2001 – The Attack on America, and nothing was the same afterwards.  It wasn’t that the terrorists defeated America – Hell, America defeated America.  The political parties tore the country apart with their finger pointing accusations about every little thing they could conjure up.  The people started siding with political parties and our once proud nation was nothing more than a bunch of pissed off citizens that blamed each other.  Talk about wild burros that back into a circle and start kicking when the wolves are circling!


The Real Estate Market Bubble Burst – and the slings and arrows flew.


The Auto Industry went under or sold out to foreign countries and the Labor Unions became whores for change.  America was no longer the #1 Automaker in the World and retired autoworkers got screwed out of their rightful retirement incomes.  Detroit fell further into the ruins than ever.


More jobs were shipped overseas than at any other period in our history.


Unemployment ran up to as high as 25% but no one in the media would tell the truth except Fox news and they tempered it so as not to sound crazy.  But we knew what the real deal was.


American Tax Dollars were stolen by our government to BAIL OUT Wall Street and other to big to fail insurance agencies – not to mention FOREIGN BANKS around the globe that got shored up on Americans backs.  Can’t have the NEW WORLD ORDER Banks and Financial Institutions failing as long as Americans have income that can be taxed.


Our country can’t patch our own streets or build schools and hospitals but we can damn sure do it for countries that hate us in the Middle East.  Now add all of the above and then some, to the mix of divided American attitudes on racial equality, caused by the Barrack Obama election, (cause we certainly do need change) and you have one helluva explosive mixture for the boiling pot in America.


Obama and the Democrat Party instilled the new corporate killing Obama Healthcare laws on the small business people, the backbone of Americas’ workforce.  Many go out of business because of it.  The Administration increases the amount businesses must pay the workers by jacking up the minimum wage.  Wages and Healthcare cost are scaring the hell out of small businessmen while large corporations are busy moving overseas to escape tax laws and buy cheaper labor.


Ok that’s one tip of the iceberg – now lets look at its wake!  Huge amounts of totally ruined Americans in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s age bracket.  These people are setting records for unemployment checks and food stamps collection.  They’re too young for social security and only have so much savings to burn thru in a couple of years.  The 401K is gone, unemployment has run out, their house is underwater or foreclosed on and no one wants to hire them with that head full of white hair.  Age discrimination – that thing that is against the law, but no one can prove, is ALIVE AND WELL in America.  Ever so slowly these people start getting cut off from the only lifeline they have and families start splitting up.  Divorce and just being tired of being looked down upon over a situation that you did not create, becomes more than two people can take.


The house and spouse are gone, and single men and women continue to struggle and get by with the help of some friends and churches – but no one knows how long they can make it.  Meanwhile congress argues over allowing people to invest their money into accounts for old age!  These people don’t have money or jobs that pay into social security and the amounts they will be paid when they come of age is shrinking every month due to lack of contribution.




Yep, these corporations that laid off 50% of the their employees and cut the money for the ones lucky enough to keep a job are now back to selling stock for the same money they were at before it all went away back in 2009.    So, do we cuss them or build them a shrine while we lick our wounds and wonder where we went wrong in our childhood and career choices.


So many people have lost the house, job, car, the savings along with 401K retirement money and just about everything they ever worked for.  They dye their hair to look youthful (if they can pull it off) and try to get a job that pays half of what they used to make.  Some are lucky to find that kind of opportunity, while others still hold out hope that our nation will wake up and do something about the downhill slide we’re in.  Most are resigned to the fact that our once great country is gone but they will vote to try and make a difference.


WE have people walking around looking for work with Bachelors, Masters and PHD’S that can’t find an employer that will take them.  The corporations use the degree as a way to discriminate and cull the herds of hungry workers crowding their HR departments every day.  These corporations have the audacity to ask for a person to have a Masters Degree to sell products, like groceries, or Timeshare.  They don’t really want that degree so much as they would prefer to scare the 20’something high school or college dropout out of the room.  They will not hire the elderly white haired gentleman that could replace the person that hired him – He’s a threat.  Get rid of those guys as they represent the unemployment line for present day bosses or managers when they get hired and outshine their superiors.


All of this because Americans felt sorry for a disadvantaged black man that gave good speeches!  Never mind where he was born, or his Faith, that sides with Americas sworn present day enemies.  His lack of leadership ability or earned right to even be a President of our country be damned.  America felt it was time to go all apologetic for the sins of our Great-Great-Great Grandfathers, that they perpetrated upon hyphenated Americans in our country and figured making one of them our president should just about do the trick.


Well ain’t that special?


Now you don’t just have a problem with the UNEMPLOYED, but instead you also have a huge elephant in the room concerning what you’re going to do with all those non- retired seniors.  Perhaps the answer to that is only 3 years away when the politicians will need their votes to stay in office during the 2016 election, Our citizens are a hardy bunch and by that time America will celebrate 10 years of drowning in their own shit.


So ask someone, where did the House, Job and Future go?  Can you handle the truth?  Does it matter to you?  Do you have a living wage job for them?  How about a box of doughnuts and a cup of coffee? You’re going to see this same situation for the rest of your life.


CHANGE and lost HOPE – A poem for the 21st Century


So I lost my job

I lost my house

I took the penalty for early withdrawal on my 401K

I received unemployment until it ran out

The house I was renting was foreclosed on and I moved

The next house was foreclosed on and I moved again.

The part time job that barely put food on the table laid me off.

The car went without needed repairs and now is worthless

My credit rating is such that I can’t get another one.

They’re short selling the condo I rented – got to go

How’s the last few years of your life been?

God Bless you Brother!


I have a few thousand invested in suits and sports coats hanging in the closet along with nice dress shirts, slacks, ties and the best dress shoes available.  Guess it could be said that I look like a million dollars waiting on REAL CHANGE, because the hope was totally wasted.


See you at the top!