Did You See That?


A grown man watched as a man raped a young boy in the showers and did nothing.  Oh, lest I forget, he did run home and tell his Daddy.  Daddy told him to report it to his Head Coach.  And then the whole thing died off into “not to be spoken of again” status.  The Head Coach told two other men that were positioned a little further up the ladder.  They then told the President – and the coverup began.

We all know the circumstances of the Penn State Pedophilia case.  We’re mad as hell and can only pray that justice will be swift.  By the way, the man charged with raping multiple boys is out of jail on bail to the tune of $400,000 dollars.  Thats the price to buy the temporary freedom for one of the most heinous acts on fellow humans in decades!  Now get this:  Students actually rioted because the Head Coach was fired.  Then after realizing how ridiculous they looked to the world, they held vigils for the children that were raped.  Such contrition brings a tear to my eye.

What about the damn court system that allowed this (innocent until proven guilty) man out of jail?  Makes for good reading doesn’t it?  Makes an even greater story that takes the big microscope off of our government scams and coverups.  Not a day goes by that doesn’t reveal yet another undeniably criminal act by our political leaders of this nation.

We see these acts:

Fast n Furious
Fed Gov. suing a state for protecting itself
The Fed audit and money appropriated to foreign countries
The Killing of Jobs Bills while unemployment soars (400K jobs on Canadian Oil Pipeline)
1st Lady goes to Paris on taxpayer dime while America reels in joblessness, homelessness and hunger
Gulf Oil Spill disaster that paid BP to be wrong
After midnight legislation on bills the nation doesn’t want
Election Fraud
Main Stream Media doing a High Tech Lynching on Republican Presidential Candidate
Transparency Promises broken by our President
Normal Vetting Process of our President usurped by media and all politicians (where are the college, health, birth certificates?) – OMG! now I’m a racist Birther!
The building of a Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero
Taxpayer dollars to bail out Fannie and Freddie every year

Hundreds of atrocities that continue to build daily and have been building for decades – yet go unanswered and the perpetrators go unpunished.

Like McQueary, we see these things happen and tell someone.  AND THEN THATS IT!  We sit behind our keyboards and type emails to our friends and bitch about it.  Why?  Because we all know in our hearts that this can not happen in our country and SOMEONE will do something about it later.  The problem is, that “later” never happens.  How can it?  Before the present disaster or criminal act can become old news, another one takes place.  It’s like driving 90 mph down the interstate and staring out the drivers side window.  Our minds fail to process current events when it is deluged daily by our politicians and even the weather.  One good tornado can take Americans minds off of Fast n Furious, Libya, or the Fed Budget.  (which hasn’t been passed in over 900 days)

Occupy Wall Street people had the right idea.  They took their gripe to the streets.  Problem is, they took every idiot, illiterate and totally screwed up person they could find with them.  OR DID THEY?  The press sure made sure to use them as a cover for what was happening behind the doors of the most powerful people in Washington.  If you gather a few thousand people in one place for several days, I can promise you that someone is going to get robbed, raped, shot or get killed in a fight.  There will be at least one idiot that does something as stupid and disgusting as to defecate on our American Flag.  The press will be there and report it, thereby taking the seriousness and the real reason people are angry out of the equation.

If the OWS people had of protested any particular act (of which they had hundreds to choose from) instead of showing up with their Socialism, Marxism, Communism posters/signs they may have gotten somewhere. Their intentions were to protest things that were wrong on Wall Street and instead turned it into a challenge against democracy.  They have a right to think whatever they desire, but they have to know that turning their media grabbing attention to attacks on democracy would make them the scourge of the rest of the nation.  What could have been a tidal wave of unity against our political leaders turned into a referendum on socialism.  Now I have to state that for those who think that I am wrong, just look at how the average American views OWS and its participants.  Your argument would be with each other and the press.  Thats how you got portrayed and that was an abject failure.

At the very least – OWS Protesters should be congratulated for having the balls to get out from behind their computers and do something.  No matter how screwed up their organizational skills were, or their message was, at least they tried to do something.  I would have rather tried and failed than to say I never tried. Hopefully a lesson was learned or is presently being learned from this.  The right to vote will no longer save our nation!  Politicians with the press in tow have now become the most powerful machine known to mankind.  They know how to manipulate the masses into a non focused state and keep them there.

We have got to do more than sing to the choir!  People like McQueary, just perpetuate the crimes with their non action.  YOU MATTER!  Your voice and presence are very much needed at the next rally/protest or whatever the event is.  If you don’t speak up, your coach won’t either and your team loses!

Think about it!

Brian Gray