Just Say NO To Ageism As you Make America Great Again

So putting America back to work is a goal of the “Make America Great Again” mantra. now what are you going to do about people over 40?

Most seniors are mentally and physically active regardless of age with a great deal to contribute. However, societal norms marginalize seniors, treat them with disrespect, make them feel unwelcome and otherwise generalize as if they were all the same.

During the past 8 yrs of the Obama administration, unemployment blew out of proportion to the point that millions of unemployed citizens were not even counted because they had given up on finding a suitable job at Wendy’s that could cover their family nut. Former supervisors, managers, top level executives that got played off or forced into early retirement are for the most part, still in their fifties. Many of these highly experienced personnel are hovering around social security age or above and would love to have a job earning money that would support themselves or whatever is left of their family. (Yes time & finances took its toll on the American Family too)

Now these same people are extremely excited about the potential of Trump being able to drain the swamp and bring back jobs (that they could run) as we attempt to turn our country around. Our nations patriots haven’t felt such hope since we sent King George packing after the Revolutionary War. Will corporate America hire these over 40 to 60 year old experienced workers this time, or try to stay slim on the young & restless millennials that are taking a run at 40 themselves?

My intention is to draw out the real meaning of “Make America Great Again”. We want the jobs that went overseas to come back, new job creation from entrepreneurs, government jobs that rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and oil & gas pipelines, along with our nations own refineries. Building cars and airplanes and trains again, can put so many people to work, both young and old. Ok so these are a few examples of how to put millions of people back to work immediately.

But what about Ageism? Are we going to allow the last of the baby boomers to retire off on a paltry amount of money that they can receive from Social Security. They’ve been living off of their savings and cashing in 401K’s for the past decade just to make ends meet. This thinking of hiring the younger worker and praying for his/her loyalty, dooms the people that know what loyalty really is, into absolute poverty.

As Trump takes the reigns of this country, He must realize that Kelly Girls Temps are the number one employer in this nation. Shouldn’t take him long to figure out why and make the appropriate changes to that though. Over the decades, there have been special interest hiring practices for all minorities, that offered tax breaks for hiring them. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude and welcome to returning Vets, but why not the over 40 worker? A business or corporations is eager to hire a young person fresh out of Community College or a regular 4yr degree school. They’ve got ideas that have been around for a long time and some that are new. The ones that have been around, came from experienced workers that no one would listen to back in the recessionary days of Obama. Hire them back and listen this time. Spend as much effort looking for experience as you do looking for that person you feel good about and just want to give a break to.

Give experience a break, and put Ageism out to pasture. Older workers don’t lay out sick, get pregnant, or use any other excuses to not show up. Give the corporation a tax incentive to hire this minority. Whatever the Trump administration does, I sure hope that they don’t overlook the majority of people that put them in office. These people were hoping to get their country back and PARTICIPATE – not live on the edge of poverty and watch another chapter of their life get wasted as they are told they’re too qualified for the job.

Corporate HR people understand the gaps in resume’s caused by the previous administration.  The fact a person hasn’t worked for several months (or years) does not indicate they forgot all corporate mannerisms or how to get the job done. In other words, its going to take a new template to view these highly skilled workers that could come back and bolster the economy. Look for way in which to put them to work instead of excuses to keep them in the same hopeless situation they were forced into, and it is American Industry that wins.


Brian Gray