Hillary & The UN/Muslim Brotherhood

Genocidal Sudanese regime’s appointment to UN human rights council all but certain, watchdog says!

The election of a Sudanese warlord, Omar Al-Bashir accused of genocide to the United Nations Human Rights Council is now virtually guaranteed, since he has the full backing of the world body’s African delegation.
The International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for Omar Al-Bashir — its first ever for a sitting head of state — for crimes against humanity he allegedly committed in Darfur. Yet, his regime is set to take its place on the panel, in the latest bizarre appointment to make a mockery of the UN’s human rights credibility, according to critics.
Remember when Hillary Clinton pledged a few million US taxpayer dollars to an African Nation to hunt down a “Warlord”?  That was part of a $54 million dollar package approved by the Pentagon.  http://www.wboc.com/story/19175057/more-military-aid-to-africa-as-terrorism-increases
The Warlord that Hillary wants to track down is named Joseph Kony – his financial backer is OMAR AL-BASHIR!
The Obama administration’s decision to send 100 special forces personnel into Uganda last year coincided with the release of another film, which starred Gerard Butler as Sam Childers in ‘Machine Gun Preacher.’ Childers’ story is real. Once a very bad guy, Childers was saved and became a Christian. His mission soon became helping the children of Sudan. He continues to do so after 14 years. Watch youtube clip of movie here:

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After the release of Kony 2012, the real Sam Childers released a video in response. In it, he lauded the idea of going after Joseph Kony but also pointed to the man he says is responsible for funding the murderous warlord – Omar al-Bashir, the president of Sudan.  According to Childers, Kony is just a “small part of the problem” and that Al-Bashir is the much bigger problem. Childers was interviewed back in 2007; this is what he said then:

“Our area is almost all Christian people and the LRA is financed by the Arabs of the north… so the Arabs are the Muslims so it’s basically a holy war inside of our area. This man (Kony) is just out to kill every Christian he can kill in south Sudan and also in Northern Uganda… He’s being financed… it’s been proved for many, many years that the Arabs of the northern Sudan ok, which is Muslims, they have been financing this man for many, many years.”


Any guesses as to who supports Omar al-Bashir? That’s right, the Muslim Brotherhood. If Childers is right – remember, he’s been on the ground there for well over a decade – it would seem that Kony is a small fish in a big Muslim Brotherhood pond.
That brings us back to Hillary Clinton, who also said the following while in Uganda:
“We have to figure out how to work with all the countries where he and his criminal bands are perhaps hiding. We have to put our heads together to find out what additional equipment and support you need to lead this effort to rid the world of this terrible man and his criminal behavior,” Clinton said.
Perhaps some of Kony’s criminal bands aren’t hiding at all. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton should take an even tougher stance with Omar al-Bashir. Then again, that would require a tougher stance with the Muslim Brotherhood, an entity Hillary seems to be increasingly comfortable with.
HILLARY AND THE U.N. with The Muslim Brotherhood – What a team!