The Ghost of Electric Cars

I can not understand why our nation will not capture the “electric car” and quit being so dependent on foreign oil.  I want our country to stop being so damn subservient to middle eastern nations because of a fuel that we have a plentiful supply of here at home.  However, we do not have to continue to lower our standards of living until we can move forward with domestic production and refineries.

GM pulled the EV1 automobile from the showrooms and the streets back in 03 because they realized it was too good of a product.  IT WORKED! It ran great and the people that had them loved them.  The problem that GM claimed was that there was not enough demand for them which was a crock of BS at its highest level.  These automobiles were backordered for years and could not be made fast enough.  GM would not sell the cars and were only available by lease!  Once GM realized that these cars would cost the entire automobile industry BILLIONS in future replacement parts for internal combustion (gas) engines that would no longer be needed, they killed the production.  Not only did they quit making the EV1, they recalled all of the ones that were on the road and had them crushed to take them out of service.  The people that leased them were highly upset but had no say in the matter. This just happened 8 years ago!  You can read very enlightening information about this at:

Take a look at what the nation of Israel is doing:

Israel’s Electric Car

We already have mass transit busses that run on CNP (compressed natural gas) and it is also proven in Brazil that older model automobiles can be retrofitted to run on natural gas.  In this nation we can put men on the moon but will not do what is necessary for our own citizens to live comfortably without  the fear of what will happen in the middle east.  The thought of where we would be if Saudi Arabia were bombed by Iran or some other rogue nation is frightening!

We don’t have to have their oil – We choose to have their oil!  Who makes those “bad for the USA” choices? – our very beloved leaders in Washington DC.  They’re not all Democrats either!  We will need oil for at least another decade or two, but until we can produce our own, we have the capability of lowering our energy bills through “electric cars” and those that run on natural gas!

The Tea Party members and everyone we can convince to vote with us should DEMAND that our present and future House and Senate politicians move to take us to energy independence immediately.  What they do on the budget, immigration and energy should be the 3 platforms that determine whether they stay or go home in 2012.  For as long as we settle for the crumbs of legislation they will give us, we will suffer as a whole for extended periods of time that are totally needless.  Our politicians need to know once and for all that we are serious.  Our votes should scare them instead of them disappointing or scaring us!

Example:  In 2009 and all the way up until November 2010, the Democrat controlled House and Congress could have passed the immigration amnesty bill called Dream Act.  They didn’t because the democrats feared for their jobs in the Nov. election!  Now we have the power to make them fear for their jobs in 2012.

We can only blame ourselves if they don’t hear us before then and act accordingly!

Demand our independence from foreign nations by drilling and refining our own oil – Drilled in the USA!

Bring back the EV1

Brian Gray

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