Numbers Don’t Lie!

So many thing in the past week have had me on the verge of writing a blog but something would always come along the next day to totally sidetrack me!  Most of it was about unemployment benefits and the bills congress voted on instead.  I find it hard to believe that something could be more important than the welfare of our citizens.  Apparently I was wrong!  Anyway chew on these facts for a while and I will propose more to you later!

Dr. Gregory House from the Fox hit “House” says “Everybody Lies”.  My mentor told me years ago that “Math is the only thing that doesn’t lie.”  So I thought it would be interesting to do a little math with some of the numbers that can easily be found on the internet.  Are these numbers “exact?”  If not they are extremely close depending on who is claiming they are not!  In our purposely confusing leadership it really depends on whom you wish to believe.  I took on the numbers to show the low side just for arguments sake. In statistics, one can manipulate the numbers to make them say whatever they want them so say but the numbers themselves do not lie.  Consider the following if you will:

306 million US Citizens ( 2010 population census) divided by 6035 billion dollars (Fed Spending for 2009) = 5.07042254 × 10-5

There are 15 million unemployed citizens divided by 306 million total people, which  = 0.0490196078  ( .5 or half of 1% ) of the population.

1% the unemployed (15 Million) divided by  6035 billion = $60 350 000 000 ( 60 Billion,350 million dollars) therefore .5% would = $30 Billion, 175 Million dollars

Dec. 1st 2010 – Congress today attempted to pass a bill that would extend unemployment benefits to millions of US citizens.  The amount of $54 billion dollars was the stated amount needed to help these people continue to receive help for one more year from today.  The bill failed!

Congress would not appropriate the equivalent of one percent of the money it spent during 2009 to help the people of America during the hardest downturn in the economy in 80 years! In fact, Congress would not agree to spend a portion of that 1% to help our citizens for another three months.  Instead, Congress may very well recess for Christmas and the New Year holidays without doing anything to help millions in need while they go home for the holidays to be with their families.

We’re talking about one half of one percent of all of America but in reality its really a 9.8% average of the working class out of work.  These are people that already have and are in jeopardy of losing everything they ever had!  This only represents the money needed to fulfill the 99 weeks that was promised to those that will be cut off before they even get to that point.  What about the millions that have already been cut off?  (99’ers) As of August 2010, there were 1 and a half million (1.5M) people that had already exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits!

“They don’t see it, nor do they feel it.”  But millions of Americans do!  How can our nations leaders be so blind as to the needs of its own people?  Is it because 15 million adults are so few in comparison to 306 million total people?

One half of one percent (.5% of the population) only need the equivalent of less than one percent (1%) of the US budget for the fiscal year 2009 to help them survive with some dignity for one year – and our political leaders said NO!  They said NO at Christmas time!  They said NO with cold winter weather all around us and coming on strong for another 4 months.  How many people will become homeless in America due to this unfathomable lack of compassion or vision?

As opposed to helping 15 million American Citizens at this time of year (Lame Duck Session) our leaders are concentrating on helping 25 million illegal aliens with amnesty programs.  They want rush unemployment through for a few months but will do a rush job on Medicare payments to Doctors for two weeks.  Here’s wishing those doctors a Merry Christmas!  This was done after the all important reparations legislation to the tune of $5 Billion dollars to pay off black farmers and native american indians for years of discriminating on bank loans.  (Farmers that are no longer in business)  Of course the Fed is still cranking out millions if not billions to Banks around the country!

The statements below come from an assorted group of blogs around the country.  This is how the people feel and their levels of trust in our elected leaders.  Its sad to read but it comes with their perceptions of the truth.  This is how the constituents see things whether the politicians believe in them or not.  The folks below will be voting in the future and as of right now there are several senators that will not make it back for a second or another term.  The politicians excuses will not help them unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat in the 11th hour.

Unfortunately our government has always had their own welfare at the top of any to do list. If it benefits them then it is a go but if it hinders them in any way then it isn’t even considered. And that is what has been happening with the 99ers and getting a tier 5 as well as regular unemployment extensions. They are still working as if it was 10-15 years ago and what once worked for the unemployment will not work now as times have changed and there are too many unemployed. They do not want to jeapardize their monies coming to them and all the perks so rather than deal with a way to salvage all of us they ignore us and continue with their old ways. So out of site out of mind. What is sad is that they really do not want to help us in any way. They would rather let all these people lose everything they have than give them some assistance. They keep trying to make the country believe that the economy is getting better and that there are jobs for all out there but this is just another way that they get around from doiong anything. Why is it that what we say and feel doesn’t count but whatever they say does even if it isn’t true? Se are so much in dire need that we are unable to really fight back. They know that we have no means to do anything as we are literally on our last penney and we have no big lobbyist on the hill to wheel and deal. We have no movie stars taking on our cause or government handouts like they do for everyone else in the world. Of the jobs out there they are now requiring credit checks so you tell me what person who is on their last leg has good credit now? So again all those supposed jobs out there do not go to any of us. How do we win? How do we get a chance? How do we survive? How so we get the government to listen to us and how do we get them to realize that this problem is not going away any time soon and how are they going to handle so many people being put out in the cold with no help,money,food or anything. It is just unbelievable that we have been forced to live (if you call it live)like this in this day and age.

I am a 150′er. Way past the 99 weeks and still haven’t landed a job. I have lost everything though, my job, my family, my hope. According to congress, I’m lazy and because I collected UI benefits it hinders me from working well that’s shot to s*** now isn’t it? Believe me if I could work I would. I would’ve loved to feed my family, have a full nights sleep in a warm bed and a hot shower but instead I’m writing this from a public library(which limits me to 30 minutes) and searching garbage cans in the back of fast food places just to eat. I would go to a shelter but they’re all full and actually turning away people. Congress is right, I’m a waste of life right now but at one time I was a proud American who paid their taxes and funded his own life, now I’m out of unemployment(for over 45 weeks now) and still jobless. So now what congress? People like me need help and we need it now not after you’re done with your holidays. Mine will consist of trying to find a warm spot under my towns bridge and hope the police don’t throw me out from there. Heartless bastards!!!!!!!

The reason they would not vote the fast track to extend unemployment (aside from thwarting the Democratic party) is because they want to tie extending the unemployment to keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. And why would that be? Because they ARE the wealthy!! It’s like voting to continue to give them more money. The next thing you know, they’ll be voting themselves raises. Now THAT’S what is important to them, their money, the management of their wealth and their friends’ wealth. They could care less about the people in this country who are suffering so long as everything remains status quo or improves for them; and of course, what President Obama is another Republican who posed as democrat to get elected.( What a real shame it is to be an American, watching our country during a Depression starve by the 45 plus million, and the government takes their “Thanksgiving Vacation”. Did you know that: ” The Unemployment Act of 1970 ” was signed into law that any state which has an unemployment rate of 7.5 % percent or higher will continue to receive unemployment compensation indefinitely.

When you look at counties in Europe and the rioting that takes place…they riot because they may have a small portion of their income taken away…and they also riot in fear of having their human rights taken away and becoming another Unites States of America.

* You collect up to 4 1/2 years unemployment of 93% your yearly income.

* Double pay on each holiday… plus, two months each year double pay for summer vacation.

* Double pay for each member of non-working family member i.e; wife and children etc.

* Continued Education is Free.

* No property tax if you only own 1 home.

*Full-time hours per week worked: 25-35.

You know what America…you can keep people like John Boehner GOP president who fights to never have a billionares pay any taxes or folks who don’t give a dam like President Obama who didn’t sign an executive order to put on our tables any food or gas money…you can even keep that “old dish rag” Nancy Palossi laughing at people going homeless, along with the entire senate committee.  But there is one thing that you can’t do…you can’t take back yesterday, last week or the last month!

Does the unemployment extension make sense, in light of balancing the federal budget? Well yes but until many other budget items are cut they have no basis to call extensions a budget deficit issue. Not when they are giving away under foreign aid 93 million. Worry and debate how that is paid for. Americans come first it is our money. Congress is arguing over UI extensions instead of holding up foreign aid first. Sorry cannot tell me its a money issue when not making it same for so many other spending areas first.

Hear ya, brothers and sisters. Following is a “modest proposal” – remember Shaw? Gee, instead of a lonely suicide, maybe we should stage a “cool-aid party” and all off ourselves as a group??? Perhaps we would make the news and the world would listen? Oh my but what about the funeral costs? We don’t want to burden the system any further so we’ll need to set a bonfire, sprinkle ourselves with gas (too expensive!) perhaps lighter fluid since we can’t smoke anywhere anyway? Or manure? We would be helping with the deficit so the gpverment could afford to continue killing Afghans? and ensure that the tax cuts for the rich will be continued! Or we could continue some ancient ideas of killing babies at birth who are born to anyone earning less than $250K per year? That would definitely ensure that we “poor” will never burden the economy again! As I said just a “modest proposal” (snarcasm intended!)

I agree with Fed Up. I am a 140′r not a 99er. Ran out of benefits in March, since then 2 part time jobs 1 mo here and then laid off and then 3 months there and then a budget cut. I have worked since 16, owned my own business contributed to society and now, put in so many app’s I can’t even believe it. I constantly doubt myself and feel useless. I am the middle class. We are the throw away workers. The government pretends if they don’t acknowledge the unemployed they don’t really exist, after all we are the reminder that the recession still very much exists and the powers that be want to go on their 20th vacation this year to celebrate in their oppulant lifestyles and us strugglers down here well you guys just wing it!! If we are in need of money and Obama wants to spread the wealth why not cut all holiday pay and everyone pay their own health care and put the money into unemployment extension and job creation. It is all about JOBS now and nothing else. No aid to foreign countries. JOBS, geeesh, get it? Ironically the ones who are hired to work on job creation have jobs so they don’t feel it, they don’t care

Please feel free to comment on this and let’s start a meaningful dialogue that someone in DC may read and make a move on!



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