New Sleight of Hand Featuring Cap and Trade

Now you see it – now you don’t!
Thursday night Sept 9, 2010 at 10:25pm,  I viewed a commercial on Fox 5 Las Vegas during the news broadcast.  This commercial was about Renewable Energy Bills for Nevada and asking the citizens to contact Harry Reid and John Ensign to vote for such a bill.  What the commercial did not tell anyone is that Harry Reid has already drawn up this bill back in March.  He can’t get the bill passed as it was part of the Cap and Trade type legislation that politicians can’t seem to agree on.  Probably because of the known fact that such a bill would double the citizens utility bills.

At this point, the future billionaires from the “Carbon Credits Exchange” (Algore, Obama and pals) in Chicago can’t seem to pull the Cap and Trade bill over on the American public and all the politicians.  Maybe they can buy off enough politicians through another bill that comes at us with only certain points that will lead to a full on Cap and Trade bill next year or later.  This is what the linked article is about.  Renewable Energy – the new and improved Cap and Trade bill.  It’s a foot in the door for liberals and another year closer to billions for the CCX (dow name) gang in Obama Town (Chicago)  Just another reason to clean house in November 2010 and get rid of all politicians that have already received their “envelope” from lobbyist.  Read the article and draw your own opinions and as usual, feel free to comment!
website that describes how congress will come at the American public with a different name and slimmed down version of Cap and Trade.
This article explains how it is more cost effective to lobby the citizens than to pay the politicians.

Brian Gray

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