Knocked Out!


January 19, 2014

It’s 2:00AM and another American Citizens has been knocked out!  A 70-year-old man is left lying in a parking lot, after being attacked by thugs, playing the “Knockout” game.

This amounts to no less than “terrorism” on our streets.  Predominately black “youths” are running wild on American streets attacking women and the elderly at will.

Where is the outrage from President Obama?

  • Where is Attorney General Eric Holder who is so quick to prosecute hate crimes against “one” white idiot that has done this?
  • Where is the outrage from the black community?
  • The Congressional Black Caucus?
  • The black community leaders?

As an American you have every right to arm and protect yourself. Ultimately that is your responsibility, not the governments. They cannot nor should not have a cop on every corner.

But the above-mentioned government servants hold some of the highest offices in the land, and they should stop being racist cowards and use their official positions to speak out against these acts of terrorism by these thugs. (Thugz is the term they prefer)

Now – before you go pushing the “hate” button, because I called out the race of people doing this, let me inform you that I am an equal opportunity observer.

I know that it was fanatic radical Muslims that flew airplanes into the Twin Towers.

I know that the majority of mass killings using rifles and bombs in schools, movie theaters, public streets, Gov. buildings, political speeches, and military installations are Caucasians. (Generally)

I don’t care for those types of people either!  But for God’s sake, do these idiots really expect other people to not fear them, or at the very least not profile them?

It is considered “racism” for a white woman to pull her pocketbook in tight against her body, when approaching a black person on the street.  Blacks feel that store detectives are “stalking them”.  A black person doesn’t trust a white government worker.  English as a 2nd language people speak their native tongue and have the audacity to feel slighted because those that don’t understand, have a look of confusion on their faces.

Perhaps it would do some good, if all these special groups of minorities and the majority went back to Vigilantism.

Since we cannot get groups like CAIR or the Congressional Black Caucus or the head organizations of any of these peoples to publicly disavow these hate-filled actions of hurt and death – maybe a good old-fashioned Vigilante group should speak for them.  Wow!  Talk about a “Knockout Game”.

When it hits the news that a group of black vigilantes has “taken it to the shed” on one of these street punks that committed such a heinous crime, then maybe they will see the smiles and knowing glances from other ethnic groups return.  How about after an illegal alien beats a rap on a technicality – we see a photo of the bum lying in the street with some serious hurt surrounding him, and proof that his own peoples are responsible for said condition. (And, they’re coming back if he does it again)  White shooters that make it to prison are doomed to a life of rape and serial butt kicking’s at any given moment, so we can feel a little bit of revenge for this fools actions.

It has become painfully (as in Knocked Out) obvious, that our police protection cannot work all the time.  The police cannot protect you from getting assaulted – but they can lock the fool up that does it – if they can find him/her and you press charges.  Afterwards the judge slaps a fine on the offender and a few weeks in county jail, and this idiot is released into the mainstream to do it again.  What this offender is not afraid of is “the system”.  However, when this released offender gets his/her butt kicked by vigilantes, with the threat of a return visit, they start to think twice, before re-offending.

For those that can’t stomach the word “vigilantism” – I offer up “Mob Justice”.  You know what it is – and it makes you cringe that someone could suggest that there really is a good reason to desire it.  I have serious doubts that any of these street punks would like to have to answer to a few of these men.

It’s nothing personal – just business!

Don’t mess with them or their people and they won’t mess with you.  It’s a damn shame that these punks would come to fear vigilante or mob justice more than the local law authorities, but they need to “Respect” something/someone.

Seeing or reading about “the knockout game” makes my blood boil every time I hear about young men attacking women and the elderly. There must be “Recourse”!  Just like the situation with “voter fraud”, we hear of the occasional arrest of a person that has been charged in “the knockout game”.  What we don’t hear about or see is the actual penalty the offender must pay or is paying.  Perhaps if this kind of “breaking story” could find its way to the 6:00 O’clock News on television, every night for a week or month (just like Obamacare) – citizens of our nation would feel more comfortable that something is being done to curtail such frightening and deadly activities by these terrorist amongst us.  If not – bring on the vigilantes.

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