Job Cuts and Healthcare for a Dying Nation

When it comes to job cuts… every schoolboy knows that private sector companies are converting their workforce to part time because of ObamaCare.

Lots of people that have insurance are seeing their premiums double because of ObamaCare.

People that don’t have insurance have to either buy expensive insurance or pay a big fine.

Citizens that have neither money nor jobs get free doctor and hospital service.. Good thing for that, eh?

All of these wonderful societal improvements brought to you by the people who gave all of the free worlds manufacturing, by way of Most Favored Nation Trade Status, to China, a slave state.  And now these very people who gave us this ruin, are going to tell us that they have the competence and credibility to fix the economy.

Is it any wonder that they don’t want us to have guns?

I Stand with Senator Cruz!

George Washington and Our Founders had balls on steroids!  They only had one third of the country standing with them in 1776. The guys with guts made things much better for us and made History!  Why?  Because ( THE GUYS WITH BALLS,  WHO WIN AGAINST ALL ODDS, ALWAYS MAKE HISTORY )

300 Greek Spartans held back 10″s of thousands of Persians! WE STILL HEAR ABOUT THE 300 GUYS AND THEIR LEADER, AND THE SIMULTANEAOUS NAVEL BATTLE THAT THE GREEKS WON!!  Thanks to the 300 guys who sacrificed their lives!!

Thank you Senator Cruz and those with him – DAMN THE TORPEDOS, FULL SPEED AHEAD!!

God help them to turn America ” Back ” to being THE country of Freedom / Liberty and the pursuit of happiness with ” MINIMAL ” (GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE!)

The Democrat Party wants to enslave all the non-welfare population under the guise of some sort of hermaphrodite “health care” system that is nothing more than a cover for the IRS to confiscate everything the non-welfare class owns.  “Come on down to the plantations now, and your future social security, homes and finances will belong to us.”  Ask any Union boss and they will tell you it’s ok – they’re doing it for you and the common good, as well as “the law of the land.”  Afterwards, you can have a nice conversation with a  scarecrow – this will be as logical and make as much sense.

Democrats wrote and passed the Unaffordable Healthcare Act, without one vote from the Republican party. The Republican party represents about half of the country… And had no say!  No Democrat read the bill.  No Democrat bothered to consider the true cost of the bill.  No Democrat wants to be required to submit themselves to this bill’s requirements, and gave themselves along with Unions and certain corporations an exemption from it.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee fought to fulfill the campaign promises every Republican made, and their actions have been revelatory for all of us.  The Democrat Party and the RINO’s that pretend to not hear or listen to their constituents had best heed the “Ides of 2014.”  It’s closer than you think!

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