Imagine a room full of people

Imagine a room full of people.

You recognize that this is a full blown party, chocked full of food and drinks. A booming band has many of the occupiers moving and shaking to the upbeat sounds. Some even breakout into a full dance!

They’re laughing and talking to each other, shaking hands & making new lifelong contacts/friends. Some have known each other for years or decades, but somehow still manage to get together for one of these events.

Now imagine they belong to a Political Party.

Its not the Party that you belong to, or personally call your own.

Are they still assholes? Could it be possible that no one in this party has anything to say that you agree with? Do they represent everything you have come to hate in the maintenance of this nation? Are you really a party traitor if you join them? Would it be so bad if you tried to engage one of them in conversation and actually listened to their reasoning? Notice I didn’t say rush in and preach to them. Just stand, observe and listen.

What if one of them said something that you actually agreed with? Do you try to shuffle them out of there and convert them to your Party’s platform? Aaaargh, the choices of being a Saint or a Bore

Now hold still and replay all the mental images that just flashed before your mind. You know, the mental movie you directed while reading this. Was it a good one?

It was your choice – just like it is everyones choice to vote for whomever they are most comfortable with.

Lem’me know the next time you’re having a showing of your newest movie or material. Do you think it will be a hit or miss?

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