How do you satisfy the masses on a subject as broad as Illegal Immigration or Illegal Aliens.
The only way to migrate illegally is to first come to the US without permission or refuse to go back to your native country at the appointed time. (overstay your welcome)  After either one of those acts has happened, a person is a Illegal Alien – and that is against the law which makes that person a criminal element.
Rick Perry stated in a GOP Presidential candidate debate that:  All conversations about it after the fact are merely philosophical differences  He is correct – but how should the government handle the situation that we currently have in the US?

FIRST – SECURE THE BORDER with Mexico!  It is presently agreed that this is where the problems originated and continues to fester.  New Gingrich is correct as well when he states that no one wants to break up families and start deporting people that have been here for 25 years.  Who is going to check those facts?  A member of the community and church being deported is not a good thing.  What constitutes a member of a church?  Should a agency be assigned to see if the alien is baptized and has a signed tithing offer on record?  In other words, this is ridiculous and as Perry points out – just a philosophical disagreement.

In order to be fair to ALL current citizens of the United States and those that would like to stay legally, I suggest the following:

Forewarned is fair armed – LET IT BE KNOWN THAT HENCEFORTH:
Beginning in 2013 a edict is put forth that if you are inside the United States of America you will:
1. Be able to produce (within 24 hours) a notarized legal Birth Certificate proving your were born here in the United States
2. Be currently in the process of obtaining citizenship (legally enrolled in citizenship classes) in the United States.  A valid, date stamped document shall be proof
3.   Be serving in the United States Military ( which is proof of your citizenship intentions ) and not be discharged until citizenship has been awarded

By the year 2018 ( 5 years notice ) you will be a citizen or be deported.  No exceptions!
No social services should be given to any person that does not have a US birth certificate or legal citizen status.  This includes the family members of person serving in military until citizenship has been deemed earned and awarded to military member.
No lessening of current Immigration laws or statuses to make it easier to become a citizen (2011)
2018 – produce birth certificate or completed citizenship documents or be deported!
Ancho babies do not get automatic citizenship.  Parents of such children will pay for the birth of children in US HOSPITALS and become citizens or they and child will be deported before child can enter US PUBLIC SCHOOLS.
All persons presently receiving any form of social services monies from US OR STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES shall be responsible for repaying for a minimum of 1 years worth of services or for whatever time they utilized such services for less than one year.  This money shall be automatically taken from all future pay checks until paid in full.  No social services are to be paid to such persons even if passing citizenship requirements until money owed to federal government or state is paid in full.

This shall be known as limited rights citizenship – Full Rights Citizenship is granted once monies owed to US are paid in full.
Persons that have lived and worked illegally within the borders of the US that apply for citizenship must have a SPONSOR in order to enroll in citizenship class and become a citizen.

Applicants for citizenship will then be forced to assimilate or be sponsored by family members.  SPONSORS of any person applying for citizenship will be responsible financially for said applicant – the same as any American that has ever married a foreign national.  Sponsor will have to prove financial ability or will not be permitted to stand for or sponsor the applicant.


The more time spent arguing about Illegal Aliens and Immigration laws the longer we will have this problem.


Brian Gray


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