How to Steal an Election

If you think “they” pulled off the heist of the century in the movies Oceans 11, 12, and 13 – wait till you see what could very well happen after Nov. 2, 2010!  Danny Ocean and his crew could wind up looking like small potatoes after this “potential” caper comes down.

How to Steal an Election

Can this happen in Nevada?  You bet it can!

In July 2009 the Minnesota Supreme Court declared Democrat Al Franken the winner of the 2008 disputed Senate race, and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman’s gracious concession at least spares the state any further legal combat. The unfortunate lesson is that you don’t need to win the vote on Election Day as long as your lawyers are creative enough to have enough new or disqualified ballots counted after the fact.

Mr. Franken trailed Mr. Coleman by 725 votes after the initial count on election night, and 215 after the first canvass. The Democrat’s strategy from the start was to manipulate the recount in a way that would discover votes that could add to his total. The Franken legal team swarmed the recount, aggressively demanding that votes that had been disqualified be added to his count, while others be denied for Mr. Coleman.

What Mr. Franken understood was that courts would later be loathe to overrule decisions made by the canvassing board, however arbitrary those decisions were. He was right. The three-judge panel overseeing the Coleman legal challenge, and the Supreme Court that reviewed the panel’s findings, in essence found that Mr. Coleman hadn’t demonstrated a willful or malicious attempt on behalf of officials to deny him the election. And so they refused to reopen what had become a forbidding tangle of irregularities. Mr. Coleman didn’t lose the election.  He lost the fight to stop the state canvassing board from changing the vote-counting rules after the fact.

This is now the second time Republicans have been beaten in this kind of legal street fight. In 2004, Dino Rossi was ahead in the election-night count for Washington Governor against Democrat Christine Gregoire. Ms. Gregoire’s team demanded the right to rifle through a list of provisional votes that hadn’t been counted, setting off a hunt for “new” Gregoire votes. By the third recount, she’d discovered enough to win. This was the model for the Franken team.

The Franken ordeal is something that was ready to be played out in Houston Texas just a few weeks ago!

Voter Fraud in Houston TX – Sept 28th 2010

Two weeks ago the Harris County voter registrar took their work and the findings of his own investigation and handed them over to both the Texas secretary of state’s office and the Harris County district attorney.

Most of the findings focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Sean Caddle, who also worked for the Service Employees International Union before coming to Houston. Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid.

The other registrations included one of a woman who registered six times in the same day; registrations of non-citizens; so many applications from one Houston Voters collector in one day that it was deemed to be beyond human capability; and 1,597 registrations that named the same person multiple times, often with different signatures.  Caddle told local newspapers that there “had been mistakes made,” and he said he had fired 30 workers for filing defective voter registration applications.

It’s very difficult to have faith in our democracy when you learn about stories like this out of the state of Minnesota and Texas. Al Franken is a bitter demagogue who has risen up in the world of politics by slandering his political enemies in the most unscrupulous manner. (Does this remind you of anyone in Nevada?)  And though we can look to scoundrels such as Franken with a keen eye of distrust, the theft of this election is just as much our fault on the Right for not being as active as we should be in our own communities. Quick, can anyone name the head of the Republican party in the state of Nevada?  Quite frankly, the Democrats stole this election because no one was looking, because Republicans and Independents failed to be engaged. What happened in Minnesota is not only an injustice to the American citizenry, but also against the founders of this country who shed blood for the principles of freedom, liberty and honest elections. We must always remember this disgrace, if for anything else, to preserve the credibility of our electoral system.  Do you think that the most powerful man in the senate would not have the ability to pull off the same thing this not so funny comic did?  The next time a Leftist brings to the forefront the argument of George W. Bush stealing the 2000 presidential election (which is a lie), Al Franken’s real disgrace must be our first response. Shame on you Mr. Franken, but even more so, shame on you Minnesota!

Let’s make sure the shame of this is not something that Nevadans will have to live with.  The Democrats have a Get Out The Vote campaign going on – I certainly hope that the Republican leadership of this state has one!  I really hope that the Republican leaders are at least concerned and taking steps necessary to prevent this from happening in our state.  If the Angle/Reid Senate race is even close, watch out!

“Forewarned is Forearmed” – at the least, in this case we better be!

Brian Gray

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