Got Blood?

To be or not to be – Cherokee.  That is the question?


All the back and forth main stream news about democrat senate wannbe Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors and whether she is a bona fide Cherokee Indian or not is ridiculous.  How does one suppose that organizations such as the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), the Boston Herald, the Globe, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, along with Harvard University begin to make claims concerning the heritage of a persons Cherokee ancestry without asking  The Cherokee’s?


We all know that when it comes to “vetting” politicians, the democrat party and their followers are a little challenged.  The Main Stream News Media prints what they deem the people need to know, and liberals determine before they read something or the facts, whether it is true or not.  Either you agree with the democrats or you’re a conspiratorist whack job.  But now the media and the so called intellectual community are going round and round on a subject in front of God and the universe, and neither one of them has bothered to ask the Cherokee Nation!
Not that the Cherokee give a damn as they have sat silently and watched “palefaces” make fools of themselves for a couple of weeks now. (centuries, actually)  Try to not imagine real Cherokee’s with established blood lines, not grinning or laughing sheepishly at all these so called authorities on their heritage, as they make damn fools of themselves.


What is required to join the Cherokee Nation or legally be considered a Cherokee Indian:  In order to register with the Cherokee Nation you must be directly descended from a person who was listed on the Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, Cherokee Nation. This roll is commonly known as the Dawes Roll.IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED or presently living as a Cherokee on Cherokee Reservations, nor do you have a blood quantum of 1/16th (Great Great Grandparents) YOU ARE NOT CHEROKEE!


What is the Dawes Roll, and who was registered on it?  Congressman Henry Dawes was a big advocate of property ownership and he asserted that it was a necessary component of civilized life. The rest of Congress agreed, and in 1887 they enacted into law the Dawes Act. The Act stated that the United States government would provide for the allotment of lands in Indian Reservations. The Cherokee Nation was divided into thousands of small pieces of land, which would be distributed among the Cherokee people. On the surface the act was an attempt to assimilate the Native people into white society, in itself a less than admirable cause, but in reality the Dawes Act did far more than Anglicize the Native Americans. The Act allowed for widespread fraud by government officials and legally stripped Native Americans of much of their land by allowing land not allotted to be opened to settlers. The Dawes Roll was the official roll of the Dawes Act and was open from 1896-1907. In order to receive a parcel of land Cherokees had to sign the rolls. In order to sign the rolls a Cherokee had to have a permanent residence in the Cherokee Nation and have appeared on previous rolls. Those who signed the Dawes Roll provided their names and blood quantum and in return were granted a piece of land in the location they desired.  In addition to the “Cherokee by Blood” portion of the Dawes Rolls, there were separate rolls for Cherokee Freedman and Intermarried whites living in the Cherokee Nation.


To prove membership in any of the Five Civilized Tribes you must prove descent from a person listed as a citizen on the final Dawes Rolls.  Cherokee Nation will not prove it for you.  Courts have upheld this rule even when it has been proven that a brother or sister of an ancestor was listed on the rolls but not the direct ancestor himself/herself.  Registration in the national registry known as the Dawes Rolls has come to be critical in issues of Indian citizenship and land claims. Many people did not sign up on these rolls because they feared government persecution if their ethnicity was formally entered into the system.


A Harvard Law School spokeswoman, Sarah Marston, said that the school would not comment on Warren or why it chose to promote her heritage.  The Boston Herald reported that Harvard University Law School had promoted Warren as a minority hire when the school was under fire for a lack of diversity in its faculty.  Warren said that she did not know the school had done so and that she did not recall using her Indian ancestry to advance her career.  But the Globe and other news outlets reported that Warren had listed herself as a minority professor between 1986 and 1995 in the Association of American Law Schools desk book, a major reference for legal professors.


Chris Child, a genealogist at the New England Historic and Genealogy Society, said he began digging into Warren’s family history when media interest emerged.  But he said Warren’s family is Not Included in the official Dawes Commission rolls, a census of major tribes completed in the early 20th century that Cherokees use to determine tribal citizenship.


Is this too much information for some people to digest?  If so, and if there are any doubts, just ask the Cherokee Nation to grant Elizabeth Warren, anyone from Harvard or the news media a single square inch of Cherokee land or a dime of gaming profits without said proof of heritage.  While claims of “Indian Blood” may be cause for special privilege with the US Government or some other entity, you still got to prove it to the real tribal members.


Brian Gray

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  • My father’s grandmother is reputed to be a full blooded Cherokee, by my grandfather. Both my brothers have tried to establish this, but failed. The Cherokee have those that for a fee will track it down for you. I guess none of us were sufficently motiviated to find out.

    The Cherokee capital in OK has a web site and was the source of my informantion on services available. It has been a few years since I have looked into it.

    I find E Warren objectionable first for her liberal policies and secondly for participating in race based programs.

    Justice is blind and all Americans are equal. Hate crimes, miniorty set asides, etc. are all to the detriment of our society of free and equal citizenship.

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