Fed up with facts? Try Harry Reid!

How could the voters of this state think that any person that comes to them so dishonestly as Harry Reid does could be good for them?  Take a look at his latest assault on your intelligence!

Sharron Angle is currently being hammered for attacking kids with autism. According to some she is mocking the disease. In fact she makes it sound as though the disease does not even exist. She thinks health insurance for those with autism is not even necessary. At least that is what Harry Reid would like you to believe!

Let’s start with this!  The televised campaign ad clip that everyone is screaming about is not the entire clip. It is a thirty-five second snipit that Reid wants you to see. In fact he showed it and then told everyone what to think. Pretty soon people heard that Angle was attacking autistic children and a mob mentality ensued.

Let’s look at what Sharron Angle actually did say in this misguided soundbite:

“Take off the mandates for coverage in the state of Nevada and all over the United States. But here you know what I’m talking about. You’re paying for things you don’t even need. They just passed the latest one, is everything that they want to throw at us now is covered under ‘autism’, using exaggerated air quotes to deliver the word ‘autism.”

First, it is clear she is speaking about mandates. Any first year English student can see that. The subject is mandates. Now the example she uses is autism. But she does not state that autism “does not exist”. In addition I see nothing that “mocks” autism. What she states is that providers are starting to lump certain items under “autism” that do not belong so that they can get them covered. This drives up the cost for everyone.

Sharron Angle has a communication problem!  This is the same “sampling” of statements that continue to allow Harry Reid to nail her on every subject ie:  Eliminate the Department of Education.  Sharron Angle just does not stand up and defend the allegations made against her.  Most people know that she wants to rid Nevadans and taxpayers across the country of the excessive earmarks or pork projects that this department produces.  $2.1 Billion dollars over the last ten years according to a AP news article that came out on 9/30/2010.  This is just another of the many “drive by”, off the cuff, cut and run statements being made by Reid and his senatorial minions.

Harry Reid and his campaign staff saw the entire interview.  They knew the truth, but he chose to ignore the message she was delivering and made the calculated choice to use a few seconds of a interview tape as a character assassination in an attempt to sway voters away from her and over to his dark side.

The new stations that run this ad put it out for all to see because – THEY GET PAID to deliver hatchet jobs. They did no independent research on their own. Not a single commentator called Sharon Angle for a statement about this ad.  Based on the dishonest political ad released by the news media, they are culpable in gleefully spreading another lie about Sharron Angle in the Senate campaign race.  If one could say that Harry Reid is a socialist, the argument could me made that the media which puts out such unchecked biased/slanted drivel is right up there with PRAVDA.

This is nothing less than the same Andrew Breitbart bull crap used to take down Shirley Sherrod that worked as Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture USDA in Georgia.  However the allegation when actually discovered to be false was heavily apologized for from the director of the NAACP all the way up to the President.  To bad Breitbart and all conspirators that harmed this woman did not go bankrupt or do time in prison.  Now its the #3 guy in charge, Harry Reid doing his own version of one of the most embarrassing moments in the Obama administration.  HARRY REID and the media really do believe the people of Nevada to be idiots.  I truly hope the people come out in droves this November 2nd and show Reid and the entire nation that we are not an unintelligent collective!

Brian Gray

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  • This is the same type of lie that was used to get health care reform passed. I hope the voters of Nevada wise up and do the right thing and remove this thug.

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