Dashing Dreams

So, the DREAM Act went down yesterday. As we all know this had nothing to do with a dream. Martin Luther King had a dream. The DREAM Act was a scam.

Another cleverly disguised attempt by the Liberal Progressives to grant amnesty to criminals in our country. Illegal alien still means criminal trespasser. Oh yes, they veiled it in such sanctamonious fashion as it being about innocent children. Poor progeny of criminal parents who came here illegally. Illegal aliens taking advantage of our outdated and unenforced immigration laws. Crossing our porous borders as easily as we travel from state to state they invade our sovereign soil and abuse our tolerance and leniency. Using and abusing our antiquated laws to create anchor babies knowing this will possibly increase their chances of staying here permanently. Then exploiting our generous social programs even when they know they are here unlawfully.

The sheer audacity of the Liberal Progressives to conive a plan that will try to prey on the compassionate nature of Americans regarding children is an insult. They knew very well this was not about the children, this was about opening the floodgates for another mass of votes. Their condescending attitude to anyone who would suggest that it was anything more than garnering votes for the next election cycle is an outrage to all of us. The liberal mind is not only deluded in their social justice and collective mentality it is more deceptive than most criminal elements in our world. They will literally lie through their teeth to advance their socialist agenda and maintain their power base to fundamentally transform America. Constitutional adherence and common sense have long since left the Liberal vocabulary. This is no more than creating a nanny state from the greatest Republic known to man.

Of course we know that if the DREAM Act passes the obvious next step will be to grant amnesty to the childs parents to compassionately support their children through school or the military. Along with the parents will be the siblings and any other family members that can be allowed in under the guise of social justice and keeping their collective together. The Liberals will of course praise this as the absolute concern they have for everyone but legal American citizens. We are taken for granted. They will purport that their empathy and humane nature is superior to everyone elses, that’s why they just want to help the poor children. Claiming that these children deserve an education or to serve in our military as a result of their parents criminal activity is absolutely non-sensical. If the compassion for the children is so great how can it be argued that allowing them to stay with the same criminal element that created the problem is in the childs best interest? Only in the deluded mind of the Liberal Progressive can this be acceptable.

How can the proof be obtained of arriving before the age of 16, proof of residence for 5 years and be of good moral character? We can barely screen the criminals caught by ICE and law enforcement. Six years of “conditional” status will be monitored how? By more massive government bureacracy that’s how. Over the 6 year temporary residence period only two years of compliance of being in school or in the military are required. What will be happening for the other 4 years? How will they be cared for, by who, under what conditions, at who’s cost? If after the 6 year conditional period the requirements are not met they could be deported. Could be deported? Are there other options? Extensions? if so how long? In-state tuition rates will be granted under IIRIRA (Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act) but other applicants won’t. It seems not only do the illegal aliens get preferential treatment they get more affordable educatiions than our own children with permanent residence.

For decades our government has been negligent in its Constitutional duty of protecting our borders. Lending a blind eye in the name of cheap labor and resultant improved commerce. A once considered nuisance has become a horrible national nightmare. Crime, violence, drugs, human trafficking, prostitution and murders of our own citizens. The murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krenz on his own property, shot multiple times, should have created an outrage. Yet the mainstream media handled it with kid gloves because we wouldn’t want to insult the criminal element from that wonderful bastion of humanity called Mexico. Would we. Then we had poor little Nikki Diaz, candidate Meg Whitman’s former housekeeper, who was paraded out during the campaign to exploit her own illegal status that was appropriately dealt with years ago. She was, of course, portrayed as a victim by the Liberal media and Democrats even though she falsified her own documentation. And now of course she is suing Mrs. Whitman because she didn’t get Diaz a baby gift. Only in America can such stupidity exist. Much more seriously however  David Michael Hartley 30, and his wife Tiffany Hartley, 29, were allegedly attacked on Falcon Lake, near the southern tip of Texas by Mexican pirates, the murder still remains unsolved. Most recently Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed last week by 5 men, four are in custody and one remains at large. These crimes and murders don’t seem to concern our current administration as Arizona and other border states struggle to maintain their citizens safety. Instead our empty suit president allows a law suit to be issued against the state by the Justice Department and stands shoulder to shoulder with Pepe Calderón, Mexico’s president, and allows him to belittle our country and its laws in front of our Congress. In the meantime over 30,000 violent deaths occured so far this year in Mexico. I can understand where we would value Calderón’s opinion while his own country has become a war-zone.
The defeat of this Bill must not be construed as the end of debate. Liberal Progressives will stoop to any level to expand their voting block for 2012. After all this is the only matter that concerns them. The well being of our own childrens educations has not been an issue for decades so why would we think they care about them when they can attract a few million illegal aliens and provide them an education? Because at some point a great amount of them will become citizens either through conventional means or through a back-door policy such as this. As citizens they will vote. Votes equal power. Power allows them to continue their Liberal Progressive march to reducing the greatest Republic in the history of man to the scrap heap known as socialism.


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