Time to go Mr. Speaker

America wants John Boehner to be voted out as Speaker of the House. The Questions is: Will House Representatives represent the people who voted them into office, or will they pacify Boehner and go shopping for lucrative committee leaderships? If freshman representatives think that their constituents aren’t watching, or will not know how they voted, they had better find themselves a better person to handle their Social Media assignments. The country will be watching this vote as closely as they did the midterms. This vote is also not considered a safe bet for RINO’s that desire longer employment than the year 2016. Americans over the age of 21 are waking up and paying attention and that means they will not be forgetting if their representative turned their back on them or not during this vote.

The two Congressmen below, share all the reasons needed to shore up the House with new leadership. The Republican voters did not hand the House and Senate such landslide victories in 2010 and 2014 so they could watch their efforts implode due to poor leadership. As Dr. Gregory House from the famed television show says, “Everybody lies”. Warning to all House Representatives: Get your House in order or be prepared to get cancelled out.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) issued a statement on Saturday detailing why he’s going to vote against House Speaker John Boehner’s re-election on Tuesday.

Boehner “schedule[d] a fiscal crisis in a lame duck session on the last legislative day before Christmas to get maximum leverage over rank and file members” and then worked to “mislead members into thinking that a vote on an unpopular bill was postponed, only to then conduct a rushed voice vote on the $10 billion unfunded spending measure with fewer than a dozen members present.”

Boehner also made sure to “give members less than 72 hours to read bills over 1,000 pages long, and,” Massie said, has proven he will “remove members from committees simply because they voted for the principles upon which they campaigned.”

“With a process this broken, is it any wonder that Washington no longer works for the people?” Massie said. “My constituents expect better, and America deserves better. On January 6th, 2015, I will vote for a new Speaker who will consistently articulate a constitutional vision for America and facilitate an inclusive and orderly legislative process that allows Congress to truly reflect the will of the people.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) says he will not vote for House Speaker John Boehner’s reelection as speaker. He specifically cites the “Cromnibus,” the government-funding measure that passed before lawmakers ended the 113th Congress in December.

Bridenstine notes that, despite huge wins by Republicans in the midterm elections and with Democrats in melt-down mode, Boehner worked with Obama and surrendered Republican’s best chance at retaining control in Congress.

“Together they crafted the CR/Omnibus, a $1.1 trillion spending bill which funded the government for 10 months and blocked our newest elected Republicans from advancing conservative policy and delivering on campaign promises,” Bridenstine said. “With this vote, Republicans gave away the best tool available to rein in our liberal activist President: the power of the purse. The power of the purse is Congress’ Constitutional strength.”

Bridenstine argued that passing the cromnibus provided Obama and liberals a huge victory by funding Obamacare

At this critical juncture, the few dozen conservatives in the House have two options. They can allow themselves and the 2014 electorate to remain disenfranchised, helplessly standing by while Boehner passes crucial legislation on amnesty, budget bills, Obamacare, and debt ceiling increases with Democrat support. Or they can seize control of their own destiny by using the first vote of this Congress – the only vote for which Boehner cannot rely on Democrat support – to veto the Speaker himself and preempt a disastrous two years of lawmaking.

To be clear, there is zero chance of Pelosi becoming Speaker because she would never win more than 188 votes, far short of the majority of the House body. The very hour that this vote takes place, will become a defining moment for so many Representatives – You either define it or it surely will define you. Those campaigns cost a lot of money – don’t waste it with a vote that you know America does not want you to cast!

The “Neofiscapaleon” 2016


The American People can continue to blindly vote for the winner of 2015-2016 Popularity Contest for their next President, or they can get busy finding the correct person to lead this country. Make no mistake about it, the “media” will attempt everything under the sun to misinform you all the way to the polls, where they pray that you will vote for the person that “they” have pre-selected for you.

The left wing media is every bit as involved in choosing a Republican candidate, as they are in propping up their candidate – Hillary Clinton. The goal of our dear media is to insure they pick a candidate that – at least half of all registered Republicans can’t stomach. That’s easy enough to do, because it’s virtually impossible to get 10 people in a room that will agree on everything. This is the problem! The media and opposing party’s all realize that the Republican party will be looking for the “perfect” candidate, that can never be found!

Republicans think they will boil it down to “the lesser of 2 evils” by the end of the Republican National Convention. What they will ultimately wind up with are the GOP Establishment candidate and the winner of the popularity contest, that has been going on for the previous year and a half. Once the RNC convenes, only a handful of people will remember the previous convention and the shenanigans that took place in order to select the GOP chosen preference. Voila! You got it! Here’s your newest, greatest hope for a better 4 years. A couple of billion dollars down the drain on wasted campaigns, and what we end up with is the GOP and media pick that has always been there from the beginning. Let the celebrations begin over at the DNC Headquarters!

On the outside chance that some citizens get really super patriotic and start agreeing with each other for the betterment of everyone, and elect a candidate that a majority actually agree with – then there’s the election booth and the counting of votes itself to contend with. Does the name Chris McDaniels ring a bell? It’s not always the other party or Al Franken that can steal an election – just ask Harry Reid or W.

In other words, unless the election results in a total landslide victory – there’s no such thing as a fair election anymore. Only the people with “no memory, short memory, or are totally lost behind their rose colored glasses” will feel that this is too cynical, and can’t possibly be true.

So what does the media have in mind for the Republican Party? Let’s go with a Social Conservative as the Democrats will have absolutely no chance of losing in that department. The media can tie the minds of the citizenry with slanted and unbalanced “breaking now” stories for the next 100 years on those subjects alone. Abortion, same sex marriage, religious liberty and illegal immigration have put many liberal democrats in office for decades and a good social conservative wouldn’t have a snowballs chance, in an attempt to out-politic one of these pros. Even the Tea Party could get behind anyone that is against these issues.

Running a social conservative against Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. But a good fight against mainstays of the liberal regime is just too much to resist for those just itching for a battle of wits. Our nation has far too many people that would rather win the battle, than win the war within our own divided country.

The Neofiscapaleon

Let me introduce the Neofiscapaleon (No it’s not an offshoot of Sarah Palin) This brand of Conservative is a combination of Neo, Fiscal and Paleo conservatism.

Fiscal conservatives oppose unnecessary government expenditures, deficits, and government debt. (No, they’re not the same) They take the perspective of the present and future taxpayers, and worry about the possible burden on them. They support balanced budgets!

Neoconservatives believe in a diplomatic foreign policy, stimulating economic growth by lowering taxes and finding alternative ways to deliver public welfare services. Culturally, neoconservatives tend to identify with traditional conservatives, but stop short of providing guidance on social issues
Paleoconservatives emphasize a connection with the past. Like neoconservatives, paleoconservatives tend to be family-oriented, religious-minded and opposed to the vulgarity permeating modern culture. They are also opposed to mass immigration and believe in the complete withdrawal of US military troops from foreign countries.

Until Americans quit worrying about whether the girl next door is dating a Muslim, and her brother is having gay sex with an illegal alien, we will continue on the same path. Not that these issues aren’t important, but little things like government corruption, wars, the IRS and foreign policy matter much more to so many of us. Once our nation slips back into another depression/recession, and the countries that have lost all respect for us continue to kill American citizens at even more alarming rates – who’s sleeping with whom, won’t really matter – will it? Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

We really need to put down the coloring books and get back to business!

Brian Gray

Don’t Blame US – Part Deux

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy:


So many well-intentioned people feel that former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul was wrong and ignorant for wanting to stop the US Wars.

Lets take a look at that.  Why does anyone think that the US needs to have boots on the ground in countries all around the world?

Dr. Paul says in his opinion that other countries consider our country to be a threat by being there in the first place.

He gives the example of how we would feel if other countries did that to us.

What would be the logical outcome if Russia or China were to build a huge military base in Iraq?  How about Cuba?  Would Americans feel safe if Korea began a base in Mexico?  What if the land owned by China in this country were to be used for Chinese military training?   What happens when China determines it’s in their best interest to have a base in Italy?

Who the hell died and left the United States in charge of the world?  Americans pumped full of patriotism were hell bent about stopping Russia from doing the same things we’re doing across the globe.  We fought off Germany and Japan for trying that same principle.  We fought the Vietnam War, which was really US against Russia and China, and all we accomplished was loss of life.

Is it because we promote the Democratic way that makes us right and them wrong?  Who are we to say what is right for other countries?  Did we not fight a war with England to stop them from telling us how to live our lives and taxing us?  Just because we give out billions of dollars in financial aid: does that give us the right to occupy their lands?

The question is:  What are we occupying their lands for?  Is the answer the same tired old statement that we have a presence there to ebb the flow of communism?  So the old adages that worked on people in the 50′s are supposed to be good reasons for World Dominance?

Heads up!  The world does not want to be dominated!  If they wanted our brand of democracy and someone to tell them what’s right and wrong – they would ask for our help and opinions!  Politicians and school teachers, have been preaching for 60 years about how the world needs us to be a presence globally, lest said countries dissolve into wars and famine.

Now I have to ask you – Who do you think is paying for this world protection?

News-break for you:  The United States Government does not have any money that it does not take first from its citizens!  Those “Bullets Over Baghdad” were all bought with your labor and taxes.  So are the schools and roads and hospitals and anything else that the American government does in its Nation Building quest.  Just how much of a Global Citizen do you want to be?  How much do you desire to pay for this title?  Are you more of a global citizen than the people of Switzerland and how does that make you feel?

Did they ever teach you in school that if you pay attention, work hard and keep your mouth shut, that you can grow up to be a productive member of society and PAY to make the world a safer place?  How much time have you spent in consideration that it is your tax dollars that are protecting oil fields in the Middle East so that other nations can have easier access to oil at a lower price per gallon?  Did you ever think that your own children would attend a substandard school while your tax dollars built new schools in another country?  Should your son die to protect the rights of Omar from being violated by Mohammed!  Thats a very graphic thought, but what does it take to get Americans to realize that we should not be doing this.


Why should Americans feel that we need “boots on the ground” in another country to protect our way of life and freedom?
There was once a cartoon that characterized a “salesman” attempting to sell machine guns to a Roman general in front of the generals tent.  In the background it was clear that the Roman army was equipped with shields, spears and bows w/arrows.  The caption said:  ”Not now, I have a war to fight.”  That my fellow Americans, is the general thinking of most people when it comes to protecting America.

Withdrawing troops and bases from foreign soil does not mean “Isolationism.”  It does not mean that we as a nation desire to tell the world to go away!  Other countries see the United States as “Bully’s” as opposed to our grand notion that we are there to protect them.  You can argue all you want that they are wrong but it is still their perception that matters in their country.  Sure, there have been crying kids and parents thanking our troops gratefully, in some country that we helped win a battle – after the bombs stopped and the burials began.  How long after the funerals were over do you think that the opinions began to change?  A year, 5-10 years?  How do you think they feel 50 years later?  Just how wrong is Dr. Paul for stating we should pull out of these countries?  After all, it is Americans they are shooting at and not each other.  It is our embassy’s that are getting bombed.  It is our military installations that they attack.  What kind of clue do you need to understand that it is their country and they don’t want us in it?

Therefore, the very strategy of “protecting our interest” has to change.

Have you ever personally witnessed what our military is capable of when we take the handcuffs off?  I have, even though it was 40 years ago.  I have to believe that what was once powerful, is even more so today with technology and much better weapons and planes.  Our navy, with its aircraft carriers sitting miles offshore can do amazing things.  Airplanes flying at the speed of sound can shoot missiles through open windows and return to the safety of the carrier which is guarded by another ship called a Destroyer.  Do we really need 200 military bases when one will suffice?  Do we really need our men and women walking the streets of a combat zone.  How about sitting in a tent or barracks at a military compound waiting on a hostile missile to take them out?  Why? Why? Why?

We have a Secretary of State and many Ambassadors to negotiate with the heads of state of all the world.  There are so many military and world leaders that no one even knows who they are.  Let them do their jobs and quit using the threat of violence in the forms of soldiers walking the streets  to do our bidding and protect us.  We don’t need to lose a life to make a point!  If our leaders can not negotiate a settlement – we sanction them and hold our ground til they do agree.  If that doesn’t work and they take an American life, we send them a present.  That present should be in the form of our advanced technology.  We can send a little technology or a lot of technology, depending on how long it takes to make the point. The present should be delivered from Utah or a carrier located so far off shore that it can’t be seen with binoculars.

Problem solved.

Thats not Isolationism!  Its Protectionism!  Our country’s leaders need to “Say what they mean and mean what they say.”  If they can’t do that, they need to be replaced.  Iran released hostages because they knew Ronald Reagan would not tolerate their actions, the day he came into office.  Our country has to have leaders that other countries respect.  One of our states has road signs that everyone in our nation knows about whether they have ever been there or not.  The signs simply say:  Don’t Mess With Texas.  Texas doesn’t go to other states and flaunt this ideology but everyone knows its there.  I don’t promote scaring the world straight, but I do promote using the technology that we have in a way that saves our nation money and lives.

Instead of putting American sons and daughters in harms way, we should pull back to a safe distance.   Say somewhere in the neighborhood of “Home.”  Take the targets off the backs of our men and women and put them in our country where they can protect American borders.  So far we have done a better job of protecting Iraqi borders than the ones we have in the southwest and California. That doesn’t mean that all immigration should cease either!  It just means that we are going to enforce the laws we have had in place and stop the flow of illegals coming into this nation.  We have to wake up to the realization that it is not just illegal gardeners that are coming across our borders.

Was 9/11 our fault?  HELL NO!  But ask yourself this:

Why did the Islamic Terrorists not fly planes into the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, or Tiananmen Square.  No they specifically wanted to ruin our nation financially (World Trade Center) and send a message to our military by taking out the Pentagon.  Look at the messages they sent during the Clinton administration.  Our nations military needs to come home and quit antagonizing the lunatics located outside our borders.  I would rather send a missile from 100 miles away than shoot at a man from 50 yards. Missiles are just more accurate and besides that “its nothing personal.” just business.

Take the handcuffs off and do the job right!  It makes financial sense and SAVES American lives.


Part Deux – because this was originally written and posted in September 2011.  Most considered it a story in support of Ron Paul for President and dismissed it as another “Paulite” piece.  Under present times, with Kevin McCarthy that has just replaced Eric Cantor as the Majority Leader in the House, and is calling for the possibility of sending “boots on the ground” back to Iraq – this article seems to be in need of review.

Brian Gray


Act Like Winners!


What are you going to do if you win?  If the GOP wins the Senate in 2014, let the backstabbing and infighting begin.  This isn’t anything new as it’s been going on since the last tidal wave of new Republican blood came rushing into office.

It’s high time that the Republican Party starts thinking, planning and acting as though they will be leading our nation in a few short months.

Will John Boehner continue as our country’s Speaker of the House or will he and his white flag of surrender be voted out in favor of someone more conservative?  Now that Eric Cantor has bitten the dust for being a chameleon on immigration, who are we going to have that will do the job if Boehner is put on the shelf by his colleagues?

What about the Senate Majority Leader?  It’s fairly evident that the People and its conservative base do not want Mitch McConnell in this position.  This new set of national leaders had better start filling in the citizens of this country as to just what they’re about to vote for.  Otherwise the liberal media will put their spin on the future under the Republican Party leadership, before they even get the chance to speak.  Then, as usual, it will be Republicans defending a position instead of leading.  If Republicans allow the media to “define” them, they may never get the chance to begin with.

The House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader positions are not a “given” position. Seniority does play a big part in who will be pushed to the forefront for their crony and good old boy votes.  There is a list of Senators with seniority at Wikipedia that would scare the hell out of all young Conservatives.

Here’s what it looks like from the seniority and Peoples Point of View:

·      Orrin Hatch – dislikes tea party and part of R divide

·      Thad Cochoran – may be unseated and not available,

·      Chuck Grassley – has some potential and recognizes tea party

·      Mitch McConnell – is not very well thought of by tea party folks

Richard Shelby – They don’t even like him in Alabama

That rounds out your Top 5 in seniority and coming up next is John (Juan) McCain!

Now for the Real Young Guns:  These are the headline making upstarts that give good speeches and win the hearts of Tea Party folks across the land.

·      Ted Cruz – May run for POTUS – irritates all RINO politicians

·      Rand Paul – May run for POTUS – irritates some Tea Partiers on immigration

·      Mike Lee – The most logical choice that the Tea Party will appreciate

It is becoming imperative that the Old Guard and the Young Guns put down their weapons and figure out how to give the People what they have voted for.

Citizens are voting for REAL CHANGE this time and I have a few questions that a lot of people are asking:

Are you ready to win or will you be standing their stunned when it gets thrown into your lap?  You know that Hatch, is waiting and McConnell may win, but they’re not the Conservative Dream Team that Conservatives would like to see steering this ship.

Approaching the tee, we now have Grassley, Shelby and McCain coming in for their approach shots!  No way!  You know that the Tea Party is going to fight you for sure there.

Recognize this:  Your party may win in a landslide (that’s what we’re praying for) and then you think that you’re going to give us a brand new RINO to lead us.  Our nation will still be divided and you can expect an incumbent bloodbath in 2016 and 2018.

Believe it or not, the Tea Party got you here. It’s time to please the People for a change!  We didn’t work our butts off, so that you could play the usual PAC money games and snuggle up with a lobbyist while the new guys are trying to find their desk.

Which Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader will champion the undoing of all the things Tea Party voters are angry about?  Whether the Republican Party is ready to admit it or not, it is the grass roots tea party movement that has brought them to this point.  Americans want Real Change and not a group of old RINO’s that pretend to be for the people and then vote against their desires because they think no one knows what they’re doing.

The People are concerned about a lot more, than just illegal aliens.  If Republicans gain the majority in both houses, they better figure out real quickly how they’re going to deal with the economy.  Say NO one more time to all the unemployed and see what happens to your job in 2 to 4 more years!

It’s on you now Bubba – with a majority, you’re the ones at risk of the entire nations ire, concerning that Economy thing.  It will be equally as bad if you start the Obama blame game and lay it at Harry Reid’s feet.  Conservatives didn’t like it when Obama and Reid pulled that crap on Bush and it won’t wash this cycle either.  You win now and start taking the heat immediately.  No, the people will not be patient, they will expect results to start pouring in asap – so be ready.

After you figure out who will be the Senate Majority Leader and if Boehner will be replaced, you better offer up a REAL candidate for the Oval Office, to work with.  Your constituents will be looking for someone with the knowledge and skills of a Newt Gingrich, the brains and morals of a Mitt Romney and the balls of a Sarah Palin.

Our economy is a real wreck with a few million that will need continued help with unemployment after Nov. 30th.  I haven’t heard anyone state anything but the obvious about national debt, and nothing concerning what they would do to keep Americans housed and eating.

On the issue of jobs – well the Republican Party had better find a way to get them back from China, Indonesia, India and South America, or they will become the biggest losers in a very short period.  Get your solutions ready!

We the People have worked tirelessly for you in order for you to be in your jobs.  We have believed in you and we have gone to war with half the people in this nation to elect you.

ACT LIKE YOU CAN WIN! – and, know what you’re going to do after November 2014.


Brian Gray

In Defense of Obama

Obama’s Defense


I still find it difficult to understand how people that are intelligent enough to write articles about Obama’s corruption, un-intelligently still believe that Obama is smart enough to do this by himself.  No one ever bothers to speak about the Legislative Branches of our government and how our own Constitutional setup forbids the things that they write about.  Therefore, everything that Obama is blamed for had to have been ok’d by the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.  Who are the armies of attorney’s that consult with people like Harry Reid, John Boehner, Axelrod, Jarrett, and Holder? (To name a few)  Is John Boehner totally in the dark as to when these “think tanks” get together and conceive the atrocious government actions that they get away with?  Why is it that all we ever hear about, are sound bites of some Republican Senator or House Member bitching about what “just happened” as if they did not know about it prior to being broadcast in the media?  Let’s “water board” the entire Republican Party, and find out what they know!  (We may be disappointed)  The Democrats have created a “wave of irresponsibility” in which no one gets fired or answers for their actions, and the Republicans are riding it like a California beach bum.


The “uninformed voters” and the rest of America’s citizens have been sold down the Mississippi River by the foxes and the guard dogs that were hired to protect us.  The spine of America wasn’t broken – it “atrophied” into the giant parasitic jellyfish that it has become.  Many Americans, – Liberals included, knew that Obama was / is a fraud, but succumbed to the media and found it more fashionable and safe to keep their revolutionary thoughts to themselves.  Today’s social media is no match for yesterday’s street rioters and brave patriots that marched on DC to attempt to halt corruption.  Hell, many people will not even agree that corruption is happening because they get their opinions handed to them by the old PRAVDA styled media that has reborn itself in our “once great nation”.


I stopped blaming Obama years ago and instead have watched (daily) in amazement at the passiveness of our citizens.  Not a single day goes by in which Republicans and Democrats have premeditatedly and with bipartisan cooperation, assaulted the freedoms and people of our country.  Our nation of zombie citizens are so numb to these assaults that you can light a fire under their asses, but they will not feel it, and many will not even recognize the flames.





The “Phony” 3 D’s of Politics


The cover-ups that are taking place in our nations capital and to more extent in our news media has prompted me to consider how politicians and journalists sometimes respond to adversity.  My observations are rather general and based somewhat on anecdotal evidence. They also represent a somewhat visceral gut reaction to the goings-on that I have witnessed via the unreliable mass media. These things are clear to those of us who favor small constitutional government, but are often characterized as preferring anarchy to civil order. What we see in the various national capitols throughout the world and here in the state capitols are “big government” apologists behaving as if they were pre-appointed as rulers supreme in the future anticipated One World Government.  The world is turned upside down, and contradictions reign supreme.

When groups and the people who represent them are confronted with issues that may undermine their hold on the realm of their influence, they may react with a strategy called “Diffusion.”

  • Diffusion is the tactic that seeks to spread the blame across a wide horizon so that the complaints and demands of the “aggrieved” group seem small when compared to all intervening variables that have contributed to the imbalance.  (NSA snooping)

For many decades the diffusion ruse has been successful as locales, states and national entities have responded with increases and  benefits. But to many who hold the keys to the treasury, the diffusion argument has begun to lose steam. Despite the massive infusion of money and commitment, performance has diminished or stagnated.

Although similar to diffusion:

  • Deflection is more pointed, more targeted. The group that uses deflection as a blame-shifting tool usually identifies one or two specific “bogeymen” whom they accuse of being the cause of their non-performance.  Rather than identifying multiple interveners, the deflection strategy isolates one or two as the nemeses of adequate job performance.  Deflection is a direct and forceful attempt to shift blame and/or demonize an entity that may be unwilling to yield to the demands of the complainer. ( IRS Scandals involving Tea Party groups)

This tactic is similar to the one used by siblings who ride in the back seat of the family car…”she did it first” followed by “he made me do it.” It’s past time for taxpaying citizens to quote the driving father. “Do you want me to come back there?”

Citizens are becoming frustrated with a government structure that is too big, too unresponsive, to manipulative and unconstitutional. The deflection maneuvers annoy the citizens who are aware, and they respond with anger.

  • Detraction” is the most strident and dishonest of the defense mechanisms. Rather than attempting to diffuse or deflect blame for inadequate performance, the accused group seeks to undermine the credibility and reputations of its detractors. Detraction is not defensive, but is a wholly offensive approach. (Benghazi)

The campaign of detraction could result in the “truth” becoming a casualty because there are no limits, no rules. The gloves come off as the accused party attacks its critics, and accuses them of numerous nefarious schemes and actions. They assume the persona of a cornered rat as they lash out at anyone who challenges them or their positions.

If the challenger can hold fast and not back down, the detraction strategy is the forerunner of collapse. It is the weakest argument available, but it is delivered viciously. By withstanding the assault the challenger can prevail as the defender runs out of energy and arguments.

The Three-D’s of Diffusion, Deflection and Detraction will become more prevalent as the battle to restrain our bloated government becomes more heated.

These are the 3 items of political and journalistic behavior that must be recognized, and weighed for every newsworthy item we read or watch in the media.  You can “take it with a grain of salt” or define it for what it is.

At this point, I will introduce the 4th D – and it shall be called:

  • “Defined”

Whenever one is propagandized with the previous three D’s, the persons introducing them to you are offering you a “Defining Moment”, – You either Define it, or it will Define you!

Consider if you will, the “Phony News Scandals” of our nations present political administration.  Which “D” are you most in line with?

We must not waiver. We can never yield. There is too much at risk, and we must stand firm.




Tax Hikes, Debt Ceiling and Can Kicking

Some people have reasons for the things that they do – other people make excuses for the same things.  You need to give an excuse or a reason only in two types of situations- one, where you were supposed to do something but ended up with something else and two, where you were not able to do the required activity at all and need some explanation to get you out of the embarrassment, or to make others see why it wasn’t your fault and you should not be blamed for it.


Let’s take a look at the last four years of can-kicking, and the situations that put lawmakers in the fiscal dogpile they’re in today:

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform  aka ‘Bowles-Simpson’  

  • Feb. 23, 2009: After winning passage of his $787 billion stimulus bill shortly after taking office, with a Democrat Congress firmly in control in both houses, President Obama announces that he’s set the goal of cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term. The deficit that year would ultimately hit $1.4 trillion.
  • Feb. 18, 2010: Obama signs an Executive Order creating the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, a panel whose goal is to explore deficit reduction. Obama taps former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, a Democrat, and former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson, a Republican, to lead it.  In a statement, Obama says Washington has avoided the “tough choices” for “far too long.”
  • Dec. 1, 2010: After a series of meetings and 9 months of preparation, the committee produces a plan that aims to cut the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years. It includes a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases.
  • Dec. 3, 2010: The deficit commission votes on the plan, with 11 of the 18 members supporting it. That majority, though, is not strong enough to force a vote in Congress on the proposal. Despite statements of support for the plan, it effectively stays on the drawing board.  The Commission’s proposals are not guaranteed to be considered by Congress in a single up-or-down vote, although then-Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pledged to bring its recommendations for an up or down vote.
Bush tax rates, payroll tax cut

  • December 2010: As the “Bowles-Simpson” plan fails to get out of committee, lawmakers on Capitol Hill battle over whether and how to extend the expiring Bush-era tax rates. Republicans threaten to block all bills until the issue is settled. In a preview of the debate that will resurface in two years, Republicans want all the rates extended, while Democrats want to increase taxes on top earners.
  • Dec. 16, 2010: Congress approves a two-year extension of the Bush tax rates. The package also includes an extension of long-term unemployment aid and a 2-point cut in the Social Security payroll tax rate.  Congress and the unemployed celebrate resoundingly.

  • Debt ceiling fight
    • Summer 2011: Republicans use a looming vote on raising the debt ceiling to demand significant deficit-reduction measures in return. This leads to behind-the-scenes talks between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, with talk of a “grand bargain” in the making. Ultimately, those talks fail despite both sides making concessions on tax hikes and entitlement cuts.
    • July 31, 2011: The White House and congressional Republicans reach a deal that will allow for a vote on the debt ceiling, in turn avoiding the first-ever U.S. government default. The deal, though, delegates many tough decisions to a new committee.  Here comes the birth of the Super Committee.
    • Aug. 2, 2011:  Hours before the Treasury is expected to exhaust ways to pay all the nation’s bills, Obama signs the Budget Control Act, which had just passed Congress, into law. The law, in its first phase, calls for $900 billion in spending cuts over the next 10 years. But it also tasks a new “super committee” with finding another $1.2 trillion-$1.5 trillion in deficit reduction by the end of the year. As an incentive for the committee to reach a deal, lawmakers included in the package a provision that would trigger sweeping defense and other domestic cuts if the committee’s recommendations are not finished and approved by the end of the year.  (SEQUESTRATION – better known as the FISCAL CLIFF)
    Super committee failure

    • Sept. 8, 2011: The 12-member, bipartisan super committee holds its first meeting, with lawmakers stressing the importance of reaching a deal.
    • Nov. 21, 2011: Just two months after they started, leaders of the so-called super committee announce they are unable to reach an agreement, with disputes over tax hikes and entitlement spending keeping the two sides apart. The super committee quietly dissolves. There is no deal. The automatic spending cuts are set in motion. The first wave of $109 billion in cuts is set to kick in starting Jan. 2, 2013.
    Fiscal crisis talks

    Feb. 17, 2012: Faced with the expiration of the payroll tax cut, Congress votes again to extend it. As part of the deal, the cut is not offset by budget cuts or tax increases elsewhere. Both the payroll tax rates and Bush tax rates are now on course to expire on Jan. 1, 2013.

    • November/December 2012: After effectively hitting pause on all talks while the presidential and congressional campaigns played out, lawmakers scramble in the lame-duck session of Congress to avert the spending cuts and tax hikes that are now set in place by law. Though some hoped the results of the election would crystallize negotiations and make way for a smooth compromise, this does not happen.
    Kicking the can … again?

    2013, and beyond: If there is a deal, it’s possible lawmakers will again punt the toughest decisions to 2013 and beyond. Indeed the White House proposal, which Republicans have rejected, calls for discussions about tax reform and entitlement cuts to take place as part of a “Stage 2.”
    click here to see the number of recesses that the House and Senate has scheduled or taken during 2012

    After looking at the so called work schedule or “days off” calendar, consider how hard these men and women worked for the last 4 years trying to prevent this financial boogdoggle.  Stunned, aren’t you?  If you ran your own company in such a manner and lost money, would you be shocked?  How many of your managers would be fired?  Who wants to be the first person to step up and say this is all taken out of context and that it doesn’t work like that?

    So what is it – Excuses or Reasons?

The Awakening

Life in the “Good old USA” as we once knew it is done, finito, gone – but not forgotten!  It is still so fresh in our minds that we long for yesterday!

This is exactly what Osama Bin Laden wanted when his Al-Queda terrorists crashed airplanes into the financial center of America and the Pentagon.  Total disruption and death to the infidels.  Like horses on the plain when wolves attack, Congress reluctantly assembled into a circle and with their heads together started kicking.  Unfortunately, along with their constituents, they morphed into mules (asses).  The asses then backed into a circle and began kicking themselves while braying wildly to the awakened masses how they intended to fend off impending crisis. The new goal for all freedom and prosperity loving Americans should be to Get The ASSES Out of DC!  I think the symbolism speaks for itself.

Why does everything have to be a reboot these days?

“In a world where the greedy exploit the lazy… one handful of idealists… will make a stand… with symbolic gestures of their dissent. From the director of Southern Secession, and the producer of The Flower Power Movement, comes this summer’s biggest action thrill ride. Coming soon to a political theater near you-

“1776: Reborn”

Starring pension worried retirees in Dr. Seuss hats and partially informed trustafarians, with the day off… and an IRON FISTFUL of grammatically incorrect handwritten posters.

This summer, slap on those bumper stickers,

Blog from the rooftops,

and remember…


(dun dun)


(da nana)


The murmurs begin 7/4/2012

The reason the Founding Fathers were successful in their plight was because they assessed their enemy, found its flaw, and exploited it. They used guerilla warfare to defeat an enemy who lined up to fight. Anyone who wishes to truly make a change must not look to repeat the past, but look instead to create a better future with an honest and thorough assesment of our present situation.

Remember, consumer support is the biggest source of power the people have in today’s world. If the corporations control the government, it is the corporations who must be weakened enough to become dislodged from our government. Forget doom and gloom. The real revolt should be against the credit system, lobbyists, special interest groups, OUTSOURCING, and the lack of American production.

Today, we not only face evil, but outright fraud and corruption at the hands of our own elected leaders.  (Global warming scams, Go Green, the EPA)  We face unchecked greed. We face one big bad idea that gets perpetually worse, and worse, and is allowed to just keep snowballing for the short term benefit of those who are empowered by the dollars we give them.

It is time for us to recognize the causes of our problems, rather than try to fight their effects. It is time to put truth in vogue, and do away with anything that hampers it; political correctitude and social niceties be damned.

I implore you to remember that no matter how far down any path one may travel, at any point, they may turn themselves right around, and come back home. It’s not too late. Its just going to take some hard work. I’m still proud to be an American citizen, but I’m disappointed in the direction our last congress has taken us against the majorities wishes!  Just knowing the people will come together and overwhelm bad politicians again in 2012 makes me proud to be part of the effort!

Brian Gray

This Is How We Do It! 2012

Over the past years, Americans got fat and lazy!  Apathy, lethargy and a “let someone else handle it” ideology sunk into the way of life politically.  We never dreamed that the politicians that were running this country would turn their backs on us.  AS a matter of fact, most of us thought “It can’t happen here in this great nation” when it comes to things that the Obama Administration has actually done.   We enjoyed a way of life with material things that our parents never had or dreamed of having and life was good.  We took for granted that tomorrow was a day of growth and making things even better because of our optimism concerning lifestyle betterment.

Our Real Estate wasn’t supposed to go down in value.  Our kids weren’t supposed to drop out of high school at a 50% clip.  We weren’t supposed to get attacked on our own soil by nations that we support.  Racism was supposed to be a thing of the past.  Our Richest Nation on Earth wasn’t supposed to go bankrupt.  We weren’t destined to die and leave our kids and grandkids nothing but an albatross to hang around their necks (debt).  Our real estate wasn’t supposed to become so encumbered with liens that a free and clear title with title insurance guaranteeing it could not be passed from one generation to the next.  Our American Dream wasn’t supposed to end in a Socialist Nightmare – BUT IT DID!

Its as if we woke up after it had happened and discovered that our nations leaders had just driven us over a cliff – and we haven’t even hit bottom yet!  Everyone, and that includes liberals too, are sitting in this huge caravan of busses being driven over a cliff and screaming at the driver (Obama) seat, instructions on how to land this bus when it reaches the bottom.  Most are worried about survival of the crash period!  The optimists amongst us are concerned about which direction to walk away from after the crash.

Obama didn’t just push Granny (in a wheelchair) off the cliff – He drove the entire nation into an abyss deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon.  Our nation is 223 years old (from the date of the signing of the Constitution) and Obama, with the help of the democrat party drove this nation down this road to destruction in 3 and a half years.

THE POINT:  We’re awake now!  At least a large percentage of us are.  We’re known as a group, Tea Party – and there are other Tea Party groups/affiliates all across the nation.  At this point, it is time for us to shake hands and realize that “our dream candidate” either made it or did not make it – but we have to come together for a change and work towards saving what’s left of this wreck.

We all call for and pray that our neighbors, coworkers and even family members will educate themselves to what has happened and the correct way to take our nation back and make her whole again.  Most of us realize that socialistic ideas are not going to work in this country and therefore we need to rid our nation of democrat/progressive/ socialist leaders.

OUR JOB NOW is to ensure that the Republican Party keeps the House of Representatives as a majority as well as to gain a Majority in the Senate.

Each of us needs to know who is running for what seat in their state as well as be able to offer friends and family in other states advice on the candidates in their state.  Obviously we should take care of our own state first, but also be aware of what is going on around you.  To do less would be the same as the problems that helped us get to this point to begin with.  We need to paint this entire nation RED in November 2012.

We will still have differences of opinion as to which Republican to put in what office but that is a success problem!  When we control the House and Senate, We will have our voices back.  At that time, we will have the leverage to tell Boehner/McConnell to get out or straighten up. Hopefully this is not too much of a dream!  Meantime, if we vote Mitt Romney into the White House, we will have a good crew surrounding him and checks and balances will once more insure that 1 or 2 bad people don’t ruin the rest of the nation.

Our new battle cry should be:  KEEP THE HOUSE AND GAIN THE SENATE!

YOUR VOTE MATTERS!  If you can’t find it within you to vote FOR a person – then please find it within yourself to VOTE AGAINST OBAMA.  Because that is exactly what a vote for Romney is.  Do not do nothing – That’s how Obama got into our White House to begin with.  Doing nothing is the least common denominator for why we found ourselves being driven off a cliff to begin with.  If you won’t vote over issues that only you know of, then please vote to save your family, friends and other Patriots of our nation!  JUST DO IT!  Your children, brothes, sisters, friends and other Patriots need your help.  Don’t go back to sleep or turn your backs on the nation again.  Please!


Brian Gray


Presented as something to think about while the GOP attempts to eat themselves and American voters drown in the water cooler.

First of all, what exactly were the charges against Newt? David Bonior (a Democrat) brought 75 charges against Newt – and 74 of them were found to have NO MERIT WHATSOEVER. The last charge, whether Newt funded his college class “Renewing American Civilization” properly, was too complicated a tax issue for the committee to investigate on its own, so they brought in an outside tax expert to investigate. Two charges arose out of this investigation.

The first ‘charge’ from the ethics committee is that he “may have” violated tax law by using tax-deductible contributions from nonprofit organizations to teach an allegedly partisan college course.

The lectures never mentioned the words “Republicans” or “Democrats,” and one entire session was spent praising FDR. Is that “partisan?” Not only has a former commissioner of the IRS has come forward and said that no tax laws were violated, but an Ethics Committee lawyer even gave approval for the class before Newt started it.  But then, as now, Gingrich had several overlapping projects going on. And Democrats alleged that Gingrich used the college course to promote a political agenda.

The second ‘charge’ from the committee is that, in the course of the investigation, Newt provided false information to the committee. Do you know what this “false information” is? What’s funny is that the Ethics Committee itself approved the course Newt taught, the same course that started this whole “ethics violation” farce. Newt wasn’t even paid for the course. In any case, I am not getting into all the details of the whole ethics violation mess, and the incredible double standard shown, since that would warrant a separate blog. I just find it odd that the Ethics Committee turned around and slammed Newt with a $300,000 penalty for something that they had approved!  In addition, if a reprimand was enough “punishment” for Barney Frank, who was charged by the same committee with fixing 30 parking tickets, and writing a misleading probation letter on behalf of child pornographer, cocaine dealer, male prostitute and lover Steven Gobie, why did Newt get slammed with such a harsher penalty?

The only reason that Rep. David Bonior and other Democrats filed 75 ethics charges against Speaker Gingrich in the first place is because Newt filed and forced former Democrat Speaker Jim Wright to resign in 1988. The whole ethics violation farce was about nothing but revenge. Bonior and the Democrats wanted revenge for Jim Wright and for losing the House in 1994 and 1996.

Newt could have legally used campaign funds or a defense trust fund to pay the ethics penalty or sued the lawyers who he said misled him into what he calls a technical ethics violation. He has the legal right to do any of those things. But did he? No. Gingrich said he and his wife decided he had “a moral obligation to pay the $300,000 out of personal funds.” So, he took out an 8 year loan at prime plus 1.5 – which was about 10% interest. By taking out this type of loan from Dole, not only would he be relieving the taxpayers of paying for the penalty fine, but Newt would then not be beholden to any bank, lending institute, etc. Thus, he wouldn’t have to worry about conflicts every time a banking issue came before him.

The attacks, both personally and professionally were capitol hill payback. In May 1988, Gingrich, along with 77 other House members, brought ethics charges against Democratic Speaker Jim Wright, who was alleged to have used a book deal to circumvent campaign-finance laws and House ethics rules.  Nine years later, “the Hill” sought their revenge.

In the summer of 1997 several House Republicans attempted to replace Newt as Speaker, claiming Gingrich’s public image was a liability.  The attempted “coup” began July 9 with a meeting of Republican conference chairman John Boehner of Ohio and Republican leadership chairman Bill Paxon of New York. (John Boehners judgment has always been questionable)

On July 11, Gingrich met with senior Republican leadership to assess the situation. He explained that under no circumstance would he step down. If he was voted out, there would be a new election for Speaker, which would allow for the possibility that Democrats—along with dissenting Republicans—would vote in Dick Gephardt (a Democrat) as Speaker.

Democrats blamed Newt for the government shutdown of 1994-95.  Gingrich and the incoming Republican majority’s promise to slow the rate of government spending conflicted with the president’s agenda for Medicare, education, the environment and public health, leading to a temporary shutdown of the federal government.  Republican amendments would have limited appeals by death-row inmates, made it harder to issue health, safety and environmental regulations, and would have committed the president to a seven-year balanced budget. During the crisis, Gingrich’s public image suffered from the perception that the Republicans’ hardline budget stance owed partly to a snub by Clinton during the flight to and from Israeli leader Rabin’s funeral in Israel.  That perception developed after the trip when Gingrich told reporters he was dissatisfied that Clinton had not invited him to discuss the budget during the flight. He complained of being instructed to use the plane’s rear exit to deplane, saying the snub was “part of why you ended up with us sending down a tougher continuing resolution”.

Newt “caused the government to get shut down by holding President Clintons feet to the fire”, and bringing charges against Clinton for sexual misconduct in the White House.  While the Republicans still maintained majority control of the United States House of Representatives after the 1998 midterm elections, they would also lose a large number of seats to the Democrats in this election as well.  Shortly after the mid-term elections, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, who was one of the people leading the impeachment proceedings against Clinton, announced he would resign from Congress as soon as he was able to find somebody to fill his vacant seat;  Gingrich fulfilled this pledge and officially resigned from Congress on January 25, 1999. During the impeachment process, Gingrich’s private polls suggested that Clinton’s scandal would result in the GOP gaining six to thirty seats in the US House of Representatives in the 1998 midterm election.

Republicans lost five seats in the House in the 1998 elections—the worst midterm performance in 64 years for a party that didn’t hold the presidency. Polls showed that the attempt to remove President Clinton from office, by Gingrich and the Republican Party, was deeply unpopular among voters.  Gingrich suffered much of the blame for the election loss. Facing a rebellion in the Republican caucus, he announced on November 5, 1998, that he would not only stand down as Speaker, but would leave the House as well.Gingrich made this announcement only a day after being elected to an 11th term from his district. Commenting on his departure, Gingrich said, “I’m willing to lead but I’m not willing to preside over people who are cannibals. My only fear would be that if I tried to stay, it would just overshadow whoever my successor is.”


Brian Gray

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