CAP AND TRADE BILL – final vote Sept. 2010

CAP AND TRADE BILL – final vote Sept. 2010
The problem is that everyone hears the words “clean air bill” and they stand up and cheer, but they don’t understand what it really involves.

This is absolute tyranny! IT WAS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO BE READ BEFORE IT WAS VOTED ON!!! For God’s sake, people! WAKE UP!  (Remember the Hellthcare Bill that no one read?”

“Finally, it is a sad day for the Congress and the American people that the Speaker chose to rush this bill through the Congress without an open debate and amendment process. Members of Congress asked that 224 amendments be allowed to be considered to this bill. Unfortunately, the Speaker allowed only one amendment to be offered.  Among the amendments denied were one to: (1) suspend the bill if gas exceeds $5 per gallon; (2) suspend the bill if electricity prices increase more than 10%; and (3) suspend the bill if unemployment exceeds 15%. These and many more amendments were reasonable and worthy of consideration. They should have been allowed as they are in the best interest of the American people. ”

The Gubment is getting so far up our collective asses, there has to be some kind of revolt to stop it. Nazi Germany was very similar. Do things so fast, the people don’t have time to realize what’s going on. Every thing is an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately!

Many people from the US are actually moving to Mexico for a more affordable life.We are sick and tired of Obama’s fear tactics and free spending of all our hard earned money. The middle class are suffering now, what will happen to us when all his new programs go in to effect? His buddies on capital hill,like “Nancy”continue to strong arm any disapproving members.

Did you ever stop and think of the effect this will have, not only on small coal mines (a lot of jobs), but on ALL businesses.  Companies will either comply and have to raise theirs costs which will be passed along to all of us, or they will go under.  Products produced in this country will cost more, not just electricity . . . nearly EVERYTHING requires electricity to be produced!  The end result will be MORE JOBS LOST because products will be imported, CHEAPER, from China, India, etc. where they don’t have to comply with our rules.  They in turn will be cranking up thier production of emissions to keep up with our demands!  Come on now people . . . T H I N K about it!!

Let’s look at like this. If the “Government” spends money, then it’s out of MY pocket! If you TAX “businesses” then it’s going to cost ME! If this Cap and Trade TAXES the oil companies, then just think about what we get from OIL – asphalt, tar, roofing materials, plastics (tv, cars, trucks, planes, computers, cell phones, furniture, lights, microwaves, ink pens, lipstick, cosmetics, paints, cleaning supplies, lawnmowers, tires, oil, gas, diesel for our vehicles, and much more) So we’re not being taxed? We need food, from farmers, who use tractors, which burn oil, which will cost us more, and iti has to be shipped by trucks which burns fuel, and we travel by car to buy the more expensive groceries. Tax? Not a TAX bill, it a death bill for our freedom, our voice, our liberties, and our pursute of our happiness!

This is the biggest TAX INCREASE in the history of the world at a time when we are going through the “worst economic times since the great depression” (Obama’s words). I seem to recall from my history lessons that Hoover’s tax increases during a deep recession caused the great depression, which was severely drawn out by more tax increases and crazy spending by the Roosevelt administration. We didn’t come out of the depression until unemployed neared 0% due to the war build up. Will we ever learn? “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Senate progressives are looking for every opportunity to circumvent dissent and to do an end-around the Committee process. It certainly is not the openness and transparency we were promised in 2008. Transparency is no longer important to the progressives, now its all about checking off more items from their agenda before the 2010 elections when they will once again be forced to negotiate compromises with the GOP. Until then, they were able to  cut deals behind closed doors in the case of Obamacare, and while they caught some hell, in the end they were still able to shove  health care down our throats. Now they are following the same road map for cap and tax legislation.

That old stereotype of politicians working in “smoke-filled” backrooms are becoming the new normal (without the smoke). Just as it was during the Obamacare process, this is an affront to the promises of transparency promised by the President during the campaign. It is a corruption of the way our government was outlined by our Founding Fathers. Power, they said, was to be in the hands of the American People, not in the back rooms of the Senate Majority Leader’s office.

Congress could pull another end run and just chop the bill up in pieces and backroom the process such as:  Speaking on the Senate floor yesterday, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) repeated his call to move to floor debate on S. 1462, the “energy only” approach “There are not a lot of weeks left in this legislative session, and my fervent hope is, I would say to those who have been working on climate change and blocking our ability to bring an energy bill to the floor of the Senate, I hope perhaps we could find a way to work together to bring the energy bill to the floor,” Dorgan said. “That’s the way the Senate works. The Senate works by running things through a committee.”

Brian Gray

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