Candidates undergo Hunger Strike! Seriously

Here is the scenario.  Two congressional hopefuls have gone on hunger strike to demand a debate with Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.).

“The hunger has almost disappeared except when there’s food around and TV ads and stuff. The Hometown Buffet commercial is one of the worst. They are an all-you-can-eat buffet,” said Mike Benoit, the libertarian candidate in the three-way race.

The strike started with Democrat Ray Lutz, who said he got the idea from former California Rep. Jim Bates. Benoit immediately joined in.

They want Hunter to join them in a series of debates beginning on Aug. 25. Hunter has agreed to debate Lutz and Benoit — but not until October.

My hope is that he holds out and doesn’t expire before October because that’s when we’re going to debate him, and we’ve told him that several times,” said Dave Gilliard, a spokesman for Hunter.

So far, Lutz has had a rough ride: He’s missed 17 meals, lost 14 pounds, taken an enema to avoid toxic shock, talked to a doctor who recommended a salt-water purge, given up exercise and is so tired he has resorted to napping during the day.

He said he will fast until at least Friday, Aug. 20, when Hunter is scheduled to appear at the Politics in Paradise event hosted by the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce. Lutz promises what he dubbed a “faceoff.

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Now let me get this straight!  Two (2) Politicians (A libertarian and a Democrat) have stated that they desire to have a debate with the Republican candidate.  The Republican candidate says he will be happy to debate these two gents in the month of October before the elections.  This is not good enough for the Dem or Lib candidates and they are participating in a hunger strike to try and force the Republican to move the dates for the debate up to when these two knuckleheads want it to happen.  One of the two (Lutz) is having to induce enemas to keep away from toxic shock as a result of his hunger strike!

Since when does a Conservative Republican ever give a hoot what a Democrat shoves up his/her derriere?  I mean maybe they would pick a few choice items  like healthcare legislation or capNtrade documentation and leave out the mild soap.

Readers,  this just shows how ridiculous some party members can be in an attempt to seek sympathy and force someone else to do something they don’t want to do.  Must be good practice for when they stumble across a few of those Pelosi or Reid moments in the future.  (Who cares what the people want, this is what we want and we’re gonna get it”

Do you really think these Enigmatic Enema abusing Elitist will spread this folly to other liberals around the country?  I hope so – we all the need the laugh.  Keep up the good work crazies – we’ll see you at the funny farm on visitation day.  I appreciate you making the conservative job just that much easier.

Best of luck,


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