They Just Didn’t Care Enough!

Almost half of all Americans allowed someone else to choose the President for them!

APATHY is dictating policy in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  – Why?

43.2% of eligible voters did not vote in the Presidential Election of 2008 and that was a low percentage compare to previous years!

60% or more DO NOT VOTE in Senate or House campaigns!

Slightly less than HALF (43.2%) of the American population did not vote either way in 2008 for Obama or McCain!

4 out of 10 Americans have nothing to say whatsoever as to who their representatives are in Washington DC.   Almost half of all Americans allowed someone else to choose the President for them! Everyone has a position of For or Against the direction this country is going in, yet the MAJORITY was to APATHETIC to participate in the electoral process! WHY??????

Does this sound familiar?

My vote doesn’t matter / count.  I don’t like the candidates that are running for office.

The below statistics show what has happened at the polls since 2000  – It has been as big a farce for the 40 years leading up to then!

Year Voting-age
Voter turnout Turnout of voting-age(percent)
2008* 231,229,580 NA 132,618,580* 56.8%
2006 220,600,000 135,889,600 80,588,000 37.1%
2004 221,256,931 174,800,000 122,294,978 55.3
2002 215,473,000 150,990,598 79,830,119 37.0
2000 205,815,000 156,421,311 105,586,274 51.3
What issues would you care enough about to vote on?

Illegal Aliens on the Social Security payroll
Wars in foreign countries draining our countries budget
The Economy and all it effects
Spending taxpayer dollars in foreign countries
Aliens from other countries taking American jobs with congressional help/approval
US companies sending jobs overseas
Global Warming Laws ie:  Cap and Trade
Taxpayer Money to Bail Out “To big to fail” Corporations
Wall Street Bankers stealing from each other
Gas Taxes
Unemployment Benefits
Social Security Retirement issues

WHEN YOU FAIL TO VOTE FOR YOURSELF – DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN THE PEOPLE  YOU GAVE YOUR RIGHTS TO DO IT FOR YOU!  Now go apologize to your grandchildren for the mess that they will grow up in.  Try to convince your children that together, with you, that you may be able to shut down this runaway government before it is to late!  The next time you see an apathetic loser that will NOT do his civic duty and vote for a candidate – to help with his future (and yours) – Teach’em something before walking away!

How does this make you feel?

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